Sunday, January 30, 2011

One month down!

Holy Moly - really my first month is complete?  WOW!!

Here are my stats for the month:

In the gym - 20 days
Hours spent working out:
approx. 30hours weight training
approx. 20 hours cardio
approx. 15 miles of bike riding with hubby
approx. 48 miles on the treadmill
who knows how many steps on the step mill
down 5 pounds
down 3% body fat
helping others to start their exercise regime: 10 (who have told me; hopefully more)

Now I am waiting for my February program to see what is changing....Shelly said she was going to give me more food (YAY!) but that means harder/more workouts (WOAH!)  But I am up for the next challenge.  Four weeks down, four weeks of having sore muscles on some portion of my body, and four weeks closer to the competition and my ultimate goal. 

I do hope that each of you who have made your New Year resolutions to get fit (or just lose a few pounds) are still at it; I know it's hard work, but all that hard work will pay off....give yourself another two weeks (6 weeks total) and take another picture of yourself in that same suit/underwear you took your before picture in - I'm sure you'll see some difference...and if you can't, show them instead to someone who will be honest with you....they will see it.  And remember, you are only cheating yourself if you decide to cheat either in your diet or your workout...but one cheat is OK - just don't make it a habit, get back in there and kick it up a gear!

Today's quote of the day:
Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and provides other health benefits as well.
It also can improve your mood and self image.
-Jon Wickham
Get happy today and stand a little taller - posture plays a role as well in how your weight looks on you, slim yourself instantly by standing up straight :) (solid colors work too)


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