Friday, May 27, 2011

Final Before and Afters

All the hard work definitely paid off! Now just to have the confidence to walk across the stage and not fall flat on my face ;)

5 month transformation...before picture December 20, 2010 final after May 27, 2011

Today's Quotes of the Post: (I say quotes because I couldn't choose just one to go with this posting)

"Nothing will work unless you do."
- John Wooden

It has been hard work but oh so worth it!

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it."
- Jack Canfield

Take the action today and you can do this too!

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."
- Tommy Lasorda

I was determined to get here...and now I am determined to keep it!  Believe in yourself and stick to your plan, it does pay off in the end no matter the obstacles you come across the win in the end is so worth it!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

9 days!!

Yes, 9 days....8 days and a wake up, barely over a week......Panic is in full effect!

I have mood swings like crazy these days, my diet is changing this weekend and I am freaking out over all of it.  I have had great days this week and then I have had the bottom of the barrel, crying jigs because I really think I have gone crazy! 

I really, really had no idea what I was getting myself into, I did not realize that I would be so crazy!  I am obsessed with the scale, getting on every night then again first thing in the morning to see the's stressing me out but I can't help myself!  I know I need to stop but I just can't.  I keep getting assured that I am right where I should be and that I look great - but I see fat...even though I know I am the smallest I have ever been (I mean really I know this- for the first time in my life the weight on my license and military id are incorrect in the wrong direction!)  None of my clothes fit, they all are falling off without a belt, I even have to keep pulling  my gym clothes up when I am working out - but still I see fat, it's on my hips, on my thighs and still on my arms - it's not going away.  So yes, it is official, I am crazy!

I had my final training session with Shelly today and it was bitter sweet...sweet because this is almost over...bitter because holy crap what am I going to do on my own for the week...I only have 5 more days to work out then that's it I'm down till after the show (and I can get a normal schedule going again)!  Tonight is my final posing class then it's all on my own - doing it right or doing it wrong, it's all me...I'm my own worst enemy these last few days and I know it.  I am going to yell at myself - my mental game is going to have to kick it up a notch as I will only have the strength of my mind to get me through (and to hold my food down...cream of wheat this next week and all I can put on it is stevia and cinnamon...somehow I just don't think that's going to be very appetizing - the highlight of my diet next week?  I get fruit back!  A grapefruit but hey it's fruit!)  So, if I thought I was using the mental part of the game before, I was way off - it will be high this week!

It's Memorial weekend and normally I would be excited about it - beach, bbq, a few drinks, friends....all sounds great right?!  well I am excited about it but not because of those things - I am excited about it because we have a typhoon headed our way and so that means that I get to stay home, not have to worry about the temptations out there and  only have to worry about the kids getting cabin fever...and of course getting my workout in!  Should be fun. 

So, this last part of prep should be interesting, I have a busy week even though I am supposed to be taking it easy...I will start this weekend with the teeth whitening, I will have my trays on every night to sleep in so they can be most effective...then I will start to exfoliate every day, get my skin to be fresh and new to start the spray tanning process...before I can get my first spray though I have to completely strip my body of hair from the shoulders down....yup, no arm hair, no leg hair, no peach fuzz on my belly nothing...that should be fun!  I also have to stop wearing deodorant beginning Tuesday as it will leave a funny ring or not look right or something or other with the tanning product.  I have to eat fish for breakfast a few days - yes, you know you want to share with me.  And, all the rest of the things's nearing the end of the school year so in addition to my contest prep, I also have school functions - So, yes, I am as always the busy busy bee but am planning now on scheduling naps each day - even if I don't fall asleep, I will have it scheduled in to put my feet up and not think of anything. Ahhh I am looking forward to that!

So my schedule these last few days:
Friday Night - last posing
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - early morning cardio then weights and posing on my own mid morning
Monday - early morning cardio then weights and posing on my own mid morning
Tuesday - early morning cardio then weights and posing on my own mid morning
Wednesday - Weights and posing on my own morning w/photo shoot, pedi at 10:30, Awards ceremony 6:00p competitor meeting 7:00p
Thursday - weights and posing on my own, hair cut and color 10:00,  first spray tan 3:00
Friday -    rest day - spray tan 11:00
Saturday - rest day - spray tan 11:00, final body fat and weigh in 2:00, manicure 3:00
Sunday - at the gym 5:00 am hair first, spray tan 5:30, make-up 6:00, final touch hair 7:00.  8:00 transport to theater for check in and meeting 9:00...Pre-judging begins 10:00   go home and rest for a bit then back to gym at 4:00 to touch up tan, hair and make-up...6:00 night show.
Monday - after photo shoot

So lots and lots of exciting things are continuing to happen.  Thank you all of you who have supported me and continue to support me.  I will be posting more this week - most likely tomorrow with my final before and after pictures! This really has been an interesting road and I am overall a better person for it...I just can't wait to getting my real self back and lose this crazy lady ;)

So I leave you with Today's Quote of the Post:
"Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man - and I will show you a failure."
- Thomas Alva Edison

I am by far thoroughly satisfied with myself - so I guess I can take satisfaction in knowing that I am not a failure.....push yourself to your goals, you really are happier because you can say I did it and gave it my best.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tough week - Nearly two weeks out

Man if I thought I was tired before....I didn't know what I was talking about! 

This week has been CRAP! It's been the whole group though and so it's supposed to be the norm at this time of the game....I am starving, tired and grumpy.  Saw this today and thought how fitting!

Today's Forecast:
Zero Carbs!
Muscle Pains!
Severe Bitchiness!
With a SLIGHT chance of happy

:)  Yup, that just about sums it up!

I posted on our Oki Bombs page earlier this week that I was in a funk....Thinking that I am crazy for doing this, I was ready to throw in the towel....I haven't seen the scale go down and it's really depressing!  I just want to throw up but that of course is not the answer as I need all that fuel I am inputting to get through the day!  This is what our trainer told us (as it really has been the whole group of us - yes, 10 women all in the same crabby boat, we are a group to be dealt with):

If you don't feel like shit right now... you are doing something WRONG. Take solice in the fact that your bodyfat is being used as fuel.... makes you feel like junk. Congrats ;) 

So that's it isn't it I am doing the right thing and feeling the way that I should is what is supposed to be happening so I am to take solice in it - I think I'd rather take solice in a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia! 

But, I am two weeks out and I am not a quitter I will see this through to the end and look in the mirror knowing that I am in better health and look DAMN GOOD....Thank you all for supporting me this far and continuing to listen (or in this case read) my antics.

Hugs to you all!

Today's Quote of the post:
“Winning isn't always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.” - Manuel Diotte.
Yes, I  am a winner and will be more so in just a few more days! I am thankful for the group of ladies I have I have met and shared this journey with! And once again a Very Special THANK YOU to Shelly who continues to ride me and deal with my craziness in the gym and beyond ;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Numbers and Breathing

3 WEEKS....OMG ONLY 3 WEEKS to the big show!

I only have two weeks of hard training left before I get to relax and just do the prep stuff for the competition....competitors meetings, tanning, waxing, hair make up photo shoots - I think I have everything together and appointments made for the big day! 

I have only 6 more training sessions with Shelly and I can't believe it!  All this is coming to an end, and it's bitter sweet, it has been an amazing road and I can't believe that we are nearly in the single digits...I can almost count the days left before the show on my fingers and toes. 

Am I nervous - am I scared that I am going to trip, stumble, be completely lost on that stage?YES!  But, I am keeping a positive attitude that all is going to go well as a positive attitude = positive results right?!  So I am taking each day now being very careful as I don't want to have any crazy scratches, cuts or bruises...I will be whitening my teeth soon and I will continue to moisturize to ensure that my skin will look the best it can that day as well.  I think I have it all together (and if not, I will refer to my notes and of course to my trainer) Everything has to look just so on that day as I go across that stage - so you can imagine my freak out when I woke up with this last Saturday morning: (warning the photo is not for the weak of heart ;) )

Yes,  I busted a blood vessel in my right eye last Friday (before Mother's Day)  I was working with Shelly on Shoulder's, we had a pretty heavy set that when I stood up from my eyes were watering and told the other gals "careful girls she's trying to kill us"  I got up the next morning to this.  You can imagine the freak out I went through - thank goodness it happened 4 weeks out...I could not imagine what I would have felt if I had to go out on stage with that crazy eye!  So, of course I will blame Shelly ;)  but really, it was my own fault - I was so focused on just getting that weight up that instead of focusing on breathing, I held my breath to help get the weight lifted - NOT A GOOD IDEA!  I have since made sure to focus on my breathing with each lift and exercise - take note of this for yourself as well and save the busted eye vessel ;) 

So of course that was not the highlight of my week but I am happy to report that my eye does look much better one week later and is almost back to 100% normal looking with only a little red remaining.  The highlight of my week you ask though?  I came across the paper that Shelly had given me back in November that had my measurements from boot camp...weight, body fat, and the tape measurements of my waist and thigh...Boy was that a shocker to look at - and of course compare to where I am now!! 

November #'s:
Body Fat - 28.3% Weight - 151.8 Waist - 35.5 Thigh - 25.75

Current #'s:
Body Fat - 18% Weight - 129 Waist - 30 Thigh - 20

HOLY CRAPOLA!!  5 inches on both waist and thigh!! 

I can't believe it and I am living it - I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever get my body back, I look in the mirror and I (as with anyone else) still see the flaws in my body but then I look at the pictures and WOW! 

I have to say I can never say THANK YOU enough to Shelly!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  With out her guidance, I would not be living this now, her teaching me the proper way to eat, working with me in the gym, her yelling at me (in a good way) and her positive reinforcement have gotten me to the weight and life change that I have attained today.  With her and the support of my family, we all are much fitter and happier which will lead to us being healthier and living a much  better life.  Thank you Shelly from the bottom of my heart, you are an amazing trainer, mentor, friend and mom and I am better for meeting you and having you in my life. 

For those of you who don't remember what I looked like (I am in shock looking too) here is me before and now:


This is why I can't stress to you enough....take those before pictures - You won't believe the difference in yourself either.  Diet and Exercise - Dedication and Perseverance together equal results!   80% diet, 20% exercise - you may think that the numbers are a little skewed but really what you take into your body as nourishment really does reflect in how your body looks...I really am eating more food today looking like this then I did then looking like that!  I know hard to believe but with the right diet, the right portion sizing and little cheats it is attainable! Giving birth to 7 children (3 of my own and two twin surrogacies) I really never dreamed I would look this good in a bikini!  So think before you put that food in your mouth is this good or is this bad....and if it's bad, don't eat it - or if you do, keep in control - small changes to begin with does result in big results - it takes time to put the weight on and it takes time to get the weight back off but it can and does happen - look again above if you don't believe it...set your goals, work out a plan and stick to it!  Don't make it unrealistic, keep it real and you will succeed!

So I leave you today with this Quote of the Post:

In life, there really is no competition, only the opportunity to out do yourself and your wildest dreams.
-- Unknown

Have  your wildest dreams come true too....I have!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

What an amazing Mother's Day!  Started the day out with a Faux Show which was really fun; we were able to actually get on stage and get the 'feel' for what we will be doing in just 4 weeks!! 

My kids made me a great JibJab card 'Mom Rap' loved it, then we went out shopping for some new workout gear and they also got me a new pair of running shoes! To think that I am very excited over new workout stuff!  We had a great day out and not even much fighting! (now that is a feat in itself ;) )  I unfortunately dropped and busted the screen on my iPhone so that was a major bummer addition to the great day; I got this amazing email from my trainer:

Crystal, a couple things;
Front pose, right on, lats out, nice. Just remember to push/lean onto your toes... it will help keep your legs tight.

Side poses, awesome, nice twisting :) Make sure when you turn though, that you don't let your abs OUT. Keep them tight while turning into each pose.

Back pose- I'm not sure that you have your lats out in this pic? It looks like you are just raising your shoulders. Doesn't look tight in your lats. If you had more width, your back pose would be ROCKIN. We gotta practice it more. I'm curious; if you get into your front pose,... THAT should be almost what your back pose is like too, just have to then lean back.

Want you to add back 3x a week am cardio, empty stomach, just for the next two weeks.

You look good girl, almost there!!!!

YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!!  so other than having to add back in the early AM cardio I am almost there!  WOO HOO!! 

Here are the pics from today:

So 4 weeks left from today before we hit the stage for real....I think we are getting there just a few more days of practice practice practice and gym gym gym oh and diet diet diet!!!

I hope that you all are sticking with and reaching your goals - I love hearing about your success, failure and restart and your getting started - be sure to keep sharing with me!  And a big BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend Regina for her and her hubby's success each down two sizes!!  I am so proud of you both!  Keep up the good work - you are the example for your children, show them the way and they will lead a life of fitness as well and hopefully not struggle as we have...Love you both!

Today's Quote of the Post:

" Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can." - Unknown

Also unknown that I use all the time "You are an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCAN'T"  Look at the positive in all of your goals...there will always be a reason why you can't do something - it's those that see why they CAN that are set apart from the rest...You can do it!  I know you can!!  One day at a time, one work-out at a time.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need some motivation??? I do!

"Great ideas originate in the muscles."

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

"There is no substitute for hard work."
~Thomas A. Edison

For everyone who has felt that being fit is impossible - DREAM BIG!

Happy Friday all - Mother's Day Marks 4 WEEKS OUT!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Less than 5 weeks out!

June 5th is coming up so fast!  It seemed when I started this road back in January June would take forever to get here and now I'm only 32days and a wake up away and I am FREAKING OUT!!  and yet SO EXCITED all at the same time!  I am getting the last of the items (I think) finalized, had a consult yesterday with the make-up/hair lady and was very happy so she is booked and deposit paid.  The Spray Tan is scheduled (all of my sprays - me being so white I gots to get more than the rest of the gals)  Suit is looking like it fits a bit better, I'm perfecting my posing still and the walk is going ok - Ive loaded the video below that we took a couple weeks ago. 

We have scheduled for this coming Sunday (Mother's Day) a 'Faux Show' so that we can see our stage presence - I'm terrified that I am going to trip and fall in front of everyone so I am praying that is not going to happen - positive thoughts = positive results right?  SO with that I am trying to change my thinking to "I AM GOING TO DO GREAT!"

My diet and workouts have of course changed once again for this final month and I have the following acronyms for you all to live by when you are struggling with your diets:
Think this before you eat -
Do I Eat This??  If you are getting ready to pop something that isn't the best for you - STOP and ask yourself first...Don't do this:
Did I Eat That?? 

If you do happen to eat something that is not on your diet or you over indulged in a special treat; don't beat yourself up over it - get yourself up and out and do an extra 20 minutes or so of cardio to burn those calories you took in...but if you are one of the ones training for a show right now - you better just start thinking oh how is my ass going to look on stage next to that girl who gave it her all and stuck to the plan while I cheated...I am pretty sure that you will be regretting it much more than if you weren't training and just made a little mistake.  Dieting is tough - I know I've been on this perpetual diet now for 6 months...each month instead of it getting easier and easier (like I thought it would) it is getting so much harder!  I want and crave those sweets, that yummy slice of bread or even just an extra piece of gum - but I can't have it - I have just over a month (barely) to make it and then I don't know what I am going to want to eat first....cinnabon? cake? spaghetti? ice cream? nan bread? desert crepe?  buffalo wings? I don't know it all sounds so good.  But, I have a feeling that I will be enjoying that but once I have made this transformation and am not going to fall back into that pitfall - I really have made a life change; have you?  I talk about it a bit on the show Cup 'O Joe that I was interviewed on for winning the Mom Transformation here on Island - check it out this week only (till 8 May) at  Making yourself successful is making the change in your life for the better for life not just for a bit of time - you are healthier, and your children learn from you so they in turn are healthier's a way of life! 

I do hope that you all have made the changes and are sticking with them - remember if you falter; you are human it is what we do - but pick yourself up again and start fresh, you'll thank yourself for it in the end.

Today's Quote of the Post:
Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.  ~Carol Welch

Get out and move, walk around the block, enjoy the weather and smile at the sunset....the little things in life when enjoyed become the big memories - create the change in your life and begin noticing the little things that can bring you joy.