Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Less than 5 weeks out!

June 5th is coming up so fast!  It seemed when I started this road back in January June would take forever to get here and now I'm only 32days and a wake up away and I am FREAKING OUT!!  and yet SO EXCITED all at the same time!  I am getting the last of the items (I think) finalized, had a consult yesterday with the make-up/hair lady and was very happy so she is booked and deposit paid.  The Spray Tan is scheduled (all of my sprays - me being so white I gots to get more than the rest of the gals)  Suit is looking like it fits a bit better, I'm perfecting my posing still and the walk is going ok - Ive loaded the video below that we took a couple weeks ago. 

We have scheduled for this coming Sunday (Mother's Day) a 'Faux Show' so that we can see our stage presence - I'm terrified that I am going to trip and fall in front of everyone so I am praying that is not going to happen - positive thoughts = positive results right?  SO with that I am trying to change my thinking to "I AM GOING TO DO GREAT!"

My diet and workouts have of course changed once again for this final month and I have the following acronyms for you all to live by when you are struggling with your diets:
Think this before you eat -
Do I Eat This??  If you are getting ready to pop something that isn't the best for you - STOP and ask yourself first...Don't do this:
Did I Eat That?? 

If you do happen to eat something that is not on your diet or you over indulged in a special treat; don't beat yourself up over it - get yourself up and out and do an extra 20 minutes or so of cardio to burn those calories you took in...but if you are one of the ones training for a show right now - you better just start thinking oh how is my ass going to look on stage next to that girl who gave it her all and stuck to the plan while I cheated...I am pretty sure that you will be regretting it much more than if you weren't training and just made a little mistake.  Dieting is tough - I know I've been on this perpetual diet now for 6 months...each month instead of it getting easier and easier (like I thought it would) it is getting so much harder!  I want and crave those sweets, that yummy slice of bread or even just an extra piece of gum - but I can't have it - I have just over a month (barely) to make it and then I don't know what I am going to want to eat first....cinnabon? cake? spaghetti? ice cream? nan bread? desert crepe?  buffalo wings? I don't know it all sounds so good.  But, I have a feeling that I will be enjoying that but once I have made this transformation and am not going to fall back into that pitfall - I really have made a life change; have you?  I talk about it a bit on the show Cup 'O Joe that I was interviewed on for winning the Mom Transformation here on Island - check it out this week only (till 8 May) at www.kadenaforcesupport.com  Making yourself successful is making the change in your life for the better for life not just for a bit of time - you are healthier, and your children learn from you so they in turn are healthier too....it's a way of life! 

I do hope that you all have made the changes and are sticking with them - remember if you falter; you are human it is what we do - but pick yourself up again and start fresh, you'll thank yourself for it in the end.

Today's Quote of the Post:
Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states.  ~Carol Welch

Get out and move, walk around the block, enjoy the weather and smile at the sunset....the little things in life when enjoyed become the big memories - create the change in your life and begin noticing the little things that can bring you joy.


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