Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Making your 'Skinny' jeans become your 'fat' jeans!

Hey All,

I know it's been a while but I hope to get back on here regularly again as I am in full stream training for my next shows...yes, I said shows, plural!  I am completely crazy and am going to train to do 3 shows in the States this coming summer!  The first one is in May in NM and then two simultaneous ones June 9 in San Diego.  But, before we get into me and my new training etc, I want to share some things that have helped me to make my Skinny Jeans become my Fat Jeans....yes, we all have that double closet - the things we fit into now, and the things we really would prefer to fit into - our Skinny Jeans.

In the past year, my Fat jeans were donated or sold off - I did not want to keep them in my closet any longer!  I made this commitment to change my life and have promised myself to not get there again...what better way than to get rid of them!  So, my Skinny Jeans from last year are now my Fat Jeans - Jeans that I am OK in but know that I am (for myself) a little heavy.  And my Skinny Jeans you ask then...they are only one size smaller than my fat jeans and then I have my competition clothes...the items that I fit into when I am just a few weeks around my competition weight - as that is even smaller (and not a healthy to maintain weight!) 

So, what did I do?  Here are a few things, and they are in no particular order, but they all compile to add up to where I am now, and how I can maintain a good healthy weight for me - try them yourself, make the commitment and see the change!!

1. Eat at home (easy enough)
2. If you go out to eat, choose the healthy or lighter side menu - if you order a salad, ask for the dressing on the side and use minimal amount...even better use only red wine vinegar!!
3. Cut out the pasta
4. Buy Fitness magazines, READ THEM, and try the exercises and ideas they have in them
5. Go to Zumba (or any class you like - it you enjoy your workout you will be more likely to stick with it!)
6. Start a blog, tell your friends what you are doing  (ACCOUNTABILITY)
7. Surround yourself with people who have the same goal (we as humans are a jealous bunch - we love to see people succeed but hate to see ourselves left behind and will unconsciously try to sabotage the other - not to be malicious but because we ourselves are afraid to change)
8.  Switch to diet soda (only one or two MAX a day - fewer is even better)
9.  Buy a food scale
10.  Use said food scale!!
11.  Try a Boot camp style group - learn to incorporate weights into your workouts)
12.  Start taking a daily vitamin and Fish oil
13.  Rinse all canned food before using - take out all the extra sodium!!
14.  Remove salt from your home and table - switch it to Mrs. Dash seasonings
15.  Park further away from the entrance
16.  Hire a personal trainer - this is great as they can show you proper form, see how your body is working and suggest changes to your diet if not completely write up a great program for you
17.  Work out with a friend (accountability again!)
18.  Remove sugar and creamer from your coffee - use splenda, stevia or sugar free syrups to add flavor...protein powder is great too!
19.  Stop using sugar - substitute splenda, Natural applesauce or any other sugar free flavoring.  There is so much sugar in many items already  and when you can cut this out and realize the natural taste of items it is amazing!
20.  Learn the importance of Protein in your diet!
21.  Drink NO LESS THAN a gallon of water a day!
22.  I bought a water cooler with 5 gallon refillable jug - convenience of cold or hot water at my finger tips!!
23.  Buy a scale - but only weigh yourself one a week in the morning!!  Remember the scale is only a number and you will get a better idea of how your body is changing by your clothing
24.  Take before pictures - this will help to remind you where you were and how far you have come.
25.  Buy an outfit in the size you would like to be - hang it where you will see it everyday and set a reasonable date to when you will fit into it!
26.  enjoy your workouts - you will feel better after it I promise
27.  Even when you aren't feeling up to it, go to the gym to start your workout - you most likely will complete it once you get there.
28.  Carry your food with you - If you know you are going to be out for a while, don't fall into temptation eat the food you know will help you achieve your goal
29.  Don't drink your calories - you'd be amazed at how many calories you could use up just by what  you are drinking! 
30.  Find a Whey Protein that you like - be creative with it (my favorite is Optimum nutrition cake can mix in so many things to this YUM!)
31.  Find healthy recipes try them
32.  Read Healthy/Fitness minded blogs and use what you can from them (a great one for recipe ideas is The world according to egg face
33.  Write down a plan and follow it!
34.  Make it a family effort - while the kids still need some extra carbs and fat in their diets, they can still learn the importance of healthy eating and living which will last them a lifetime!

36.  Get new gym clothes - don't work out in sweats and a baggy shirt
37. Watch yourself in the mirror when working out - nothing is more exhilarating then seeing how much you can lift, watching the muscles move and knowing that you are making yourself stronger!
38.  Carry water with you everywhere
39.  Chew Sugar free gum
40.  Break out of your shell and try new things! 

None of it is easy, you have to work at it EVERYDAY!  But, have that will and determination and reward yourself when you hit a certain can't be done at once but it can be done when you realize that you are the one in have the self confidence to make the changes for you, not for anyone else...if you aren't doing it for yourself, for your own well being and health then you aren't going to succeed - when you realize that you are the only person holding yourself back, then and only then can you make the change.  Be confident in yourself, I am!

Today's Quote of the Post:
More of a mantra today from an unknown source "Far from what I once was, but not yet what I'm going to be!"

Go and make yourself strong - you'll feel better!