Sunday, July 31, 2011

t minus 3 weeks

Yes, yesterday was the 3 week mark for the Okinawa Show! 

What did my first week of hard training accomplish for me?  Down 4 pounds!!  WOO HOO!!!  Went last night to the Foster Far East Bodybuilding competition and let me tell you, it was bittersweet being in the stands...sweet because I got to cheer on my gal pals but bitter because I really missed being up there!  But sweet too because I got to see some of the little things in posing and thank yous that the other gals did and I am going to practice and tweak some of my stuff now too.  There was some great looking gals up there and the competition in the short class was tense!  Those girls looked rock solid...the winner, a local looked like she had just been chiseled or photo shopped on that stage, she was RIPPED!  Everyone looked great and you could see the dedication and discipline it took them to reach their goals last night! 

Talk about a major boost to get my butt in gear even more!  Trained 5 days of weights last week and all 7 days cardio (some of those days twice! - it's takes a lot to get those pounds off!)  But, I am ready, I am officially registered to compete and I can't wait.  My suit is ordered, I have talked with my make-up lady, bikini bite and tanner are ordered and I've been practicing posing and walking again in my 5 inch hooker heels ;) 

I tell you even just those 4 pounds that I shed last week have made a huge difference, I am ready and I am determined!  20 days to go...that means 18 days to train!  No cheating, sticking hard to the diet and never giving my own personal motivational poster says below - I have a fixed purpose and I have the drive!  How is your goal going?  Are you determined?

Today's Quote of the Post:
“I believe in blood, sweat and tears.” ~Jillian Michaels

I believe that we all can attain our dreams if we have the guts to take the leap to attain them....get your blood, sweat and tears on - take the leap and believe in are the only thing holding you back!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hi all!

OK so it's crunch time....T minus 12 pounds in 4 weeks - yes,that is what I have gained back since my last show and need to drop PRONTO!  3 pounds a is doable!  And to ensure that I am going to meet this goal, I have ordered my new suit and am praying that it makes it on time!  I am super stoked it is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to get it! 

So, I have my nose to the grind stone, my diet is hardcore and I am hitting the gym (and cardio) hot and trainer (Shelly) gets back from her show on the 8th and we will make the decision then as to me being able to do the Local Okinawa show.....6 pounds two weeks....I CAN DO IT!!  I saw this comic recently and thought how fitting:

How true is it?  it does take weeks to lose the weight and then just a few wrong decisions on what you intake and it all comes back in no time....that is why this really is a lifelong change that you have to make.  You have to decide what is healthy looking for you and make sure that you stick with off season weight should and will be about 130/132 my show weight 122/125.  I've got my plan and it is in play...I can't wait to see how this all comes about this time around.  I have those same feelings going through me once again nervous, excited....but also a new sense of confidence that I know I can do this...I did it before and I am and will do this again.  I am taking what i learned from the last show and incorporating it into this show....I am going to be a competitor this time around more so than I was last time....And I will take with me the new lessons from this show as I continue to grow in this new exciting hobby of mine and will flourish - I can feel, I can see it and I am going to live it!  Are you living your dream?  I sure hope so! 

Today's quote of the post:
DON'T QUIT! Every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise - unknown

DO IT!!!  don't let it get the better of get the better of it! 


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Next Show/Competition?

Hi All!

Wow, I can't believe that I am 5 weeks post surgery...I am finally starting to feel mostly normal, my gym routine is getting to be almost back to what it was pre-surgery and I am excited about my next potential show! 

Yes, my trainer (Shelly) and I are going to see how I look when she gets back from her latest competition (she's competing for the first time in Physique at the 2011 USA in Las Vegas, NV...I will be cheering her on from Japan and while I may not be there in person, I hope that she will feel me there in spirit as she ROCKS that show!  Depending on what she thinks (and how hard I give my workout and diet over the next couple of weeks) will decide on my entering into the local Okinawa Ms. Figure (their 37th annual!)  I am excited and nervous all the same....oh my goodness, I am really thinking of doing another show? Don't I remember how tired and carb deprived I was?  How cranky and miserable I felt on certain days - most of the days?   I do BUT...I also remember how great I felt when I stepped out onto that stage!  It was all suddenly worth it and I felt amazing!  I want that again...but I want to make sure that I am also competitive with it and while i have for the most part taken off the past 7 weeks from my last show, I am a little worried that I may not be able to be competitive....can I really drop 10 pounds in 5 weeks, can I get that bit of fat back off my booty and belly that have suddenly reappeared?  That I am worried, we will see when Shelly returns, after she kicks but in her competition and see where it leads me.  If I'm not ready for this one in August, there's always one in Anchorage Alaska early October.....

Yes, I do think I have the bug ;)  Do you have it too?  any exercise or commitment bug?  I sure hope so! 

Today's Quote of the Post:
"Training is what strengthens you, but it's what you eat that changes you" - unknown

No truer words!!