Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Final 2010 Bootcamp!!

Shelly had us working till the end!

So we were short a few on our final day but that didn't stop us from getting our sweat on!
Our final workout today consisted of the following:

10 clean and press w/bar (that would be the one I'm holding in the pic above)

15 box jumps...Shelly (middle in pink sweatshirt) is sitting on it so you can get an idea of how high we had to jump

Run across field and side squat up the bleachers right then left

Run back across field and do 12 split leg dead w/dumbbells (yes you have to keep your balance on these ones folks!)

Drag tire to cone and back (the cones were the width of a football field) and there were an additional 30 pounds added to the tire by the dumbbell's lying inside

15 Plie squats holding 25lb plate

20 Band jumps - these were interesting, the bands were attached to the side of the bleachers, you stepped into the band so that it rested across the back of your hip then step back for tension and lean back before jumping...again it was a balancing act :)

Kid Carry to cone and back - yes, we had to take of one the children and give them a piggy back ride across the field...they loved it!

Lunge 20 and then run 1/4 of track, repeat to go the full track.

We then finished off the hour with ab work...yes, I will be very sore later!  Thank goodness for the Xtend in my water - what would I do with out it!   

So today marks my last day of boot camp, the almost last workout of the year (Plan on another 5 mile bike ride on Friday) and it all brings me to T minus (YIKES) 4 days before I start training hard for the competition!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years

 As we end this year and look to the new one, we all start to think about our New Years Resolutions....yes, those silly things we all say we are going to do as we start the new year and then most of the time forget or relapse come Valentines Day if we're lucky ;) 
Well, this year you know I have mine....to do this Figure competition and keep myself (and my family) fit.  I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about my goal and progress thus far on the competition and she told me that is a great mid-life crisis....OMG I'm not old enough for a mid life crisis am I?  Is this really what I'm doing?  I've hit my 'mid-life' and am looking for a change?  No way, I'm only turning 36 in another few days, that's not mid life!  I still feel young - for the most part....

But, it really got me thinking about this and reflecting back on my life thus far and NO, I do not think this is a mid life crisis I have always been one to yo-yo in my weight (as most people), I've done the crash diets, I've gone to weight loss clinics, I've taken appetite suppressants and they all have lasted for a little while....then I either get pregnant or I'd get a little depressed and start eating the cakes and pastries that would just tack on more weight....this time I am learning how to do it right and I'm going to keep it off and teach my kids the way that they should be eating as well, keeping them healthier and hopefully away from the life of up and down weight craziness that they have seen their father and I succumb ourselves to. 

So I say....call it what you may, a mid life crisis or otherwise, I am doing something good, not only for myself but my whole family.  Something to ensure that I will be here to enjoy the rest of my kids lives, and someday (I shiver at the thought) my grandchildrens' lives as well.

As this year ends and you think of your New Years Resolutions, I challenge you to make this year different and stick with them....be it to quit smoking or drinking, to exercise more or make healthy choices...it could be something maybe closer to home - call your parents more often or not yell at your kids as much - be it what it may, you can do it! Taking a quote from my trainer Shelly:

If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, you’d go to med school…. If you wanted to train your dog, you’d take
him to obedience school…. If you want to get in shape, you wouldn’t look at the clubs…. or at Burger
King…. Or in bunco or wives groups, would you? Set your priorities for success… don’t tempt yourself by
hanging out in the wrong places… with the wrong crowds."

Think about those words when the temptation comes to break your resolution and DO NOT DO IT! Instead, change your priorities and get the negative out of your life, you'll feel better about yourself for doing it I promise! ;)

Here's wishing you all a very Prosperous New Year, stay safe with your celebrations and remember to designate a driver if you are planning on drinking or call a cab.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

January Program

I just got it emailed to me, my January Program and yes my saying I was scared was an understatement....I am officially terrified!  YIKES!  I've been 'training' in boot camp with Shelly since the end of September...I see the pictures I took before and the pictures that she just took of me as my 'official before' pictures and there is a major difference....BUT I'm looking at the workouts and I have to say, it all looks GREEK to me!  I feel as though everything she has taught me the past few months did not absorb, what are these exercises she wants me to do?!  AGH...I am so going to need to have a walk through on this before I embark on the road to the best figure I've ever had! 

Speaking of figure....here is a picture that I took in September and the picture that Shelly took of me last week....Big difference I know - I can't wait to see how it continues to progress!  Here's to me looking great, my family learning healthier choices and making new friends and changes to last a lifetime ;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

I made the 'good list' Santa was nice to me!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope that you have an amazingly blessed day!  Things in Oki were great, the kids slept in...I was the first up at 7 it was nice specially since I didn't get to bed till midnight prepping for this wonderful Christmas morning.  You won't find me doing this today:

But, I did get a lot of great workout gear and some extra supplements to get me started with a bang - I am T minus 8 days!
3 new workout pants, 4 tops and a couple jackets....Chocolate protein, Refreshing Apple Xtend, Lifting Hooks and a Medicine Ball YAY!!!

Next thing to expect - my workout schedule from Shelly (www.trainingbyshelly.com) only two more boot camps with her this upcoming week then I am at the mercy of her workout schedule/plan and my dedication...I can't wait!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

YAY! I have money!

I was so excited when I received this email just a couple days ago....it's been very busy here getting ready for Christmas so I apologize for not saying THANK YOU sooner! 

Yes, I got my first sponsor/friend saying I support you and want to help!  This is the note I got with my notification of deposit:

'Crystal I wish I was there to cheer you along, I really miss you and your beautiful family. Can't wait to "watch" your progress, I know you will do great! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year. I'm so proud of you for the changes you've made and your determination. loves to all- Arleta'

Arleta is a wonderful Doula so if you are in the Quantico area and are in need of a GREAT support person and memorable birthing experience she is the person you want next to you!  Check out her website and give her a call, not only does she provide labor and birth doula services but also postpartum and very soon child birth education classes - http://www.athandbirthservices.com/Welcome_Quantico_Doula.html  She also is a wealth of information for the natural birthing process and I'm sure would be happy to help answer any questions you may have!

THANK YOU SO MUCH my Dear Friend and fellow Doula - we miss you and your family much as well. 

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catching up from the weekend

Hi all! 

So I hope that you all were able to get your last weekend before Christmas shopping done....the store here were crazy but when it's payday and we only have so many places to shop, what did I expect really?  The weekend though was good.  I was down another pound when I weighed in on Friday so that was a plus, we had a great Unit Christmas party and the hubby and I even got out and rode the bikes this weekend, the kids are on winter break and we are so close to Christmas, it's going to be a great week right?! 

Well, what a way to start it off them right into boot camp (only 3 more sessions before the real training begins). Wow....I thought the 5 mile bike ride on Saturday morning was a bit tough - though I was happy that my hubby and I went out and did it; 5+ miles on Futenma (the air station here on Okinawa) took us 35 minutes first time out.  That was nothing to the workout Shelly had us doing today!  I was messing around on face book before heading out and I see she has posted this: "Dbells, boxes, body-bands, a tire and a baseball bat..... Merry Monday!"  YIKES!  What does she have planned for us?!  She wasn't kidding!  we got to the gym and she has the square set up for us....it looks like a war zone!  Tthe body bands are tied to the light post, the bat is next to to the tire, there are 5 cones set in a square, 3 steps (the aerobic style ones you would use in class) each with two stackers under them all in a row, the small square step used in the weight room with the dumbbells next to them, the half moon ball - upside down, a 5g medicine ball and 2-15 pound dumbbells....oh this is going to hurt!

She starts us with 3 laps around the square to warm up then we start....I go to the upside down  half moon ball and assume the push up position - I have to bounce the ball 4 times (in the push up position so it's like a clapping push up I guess would be the description) then jump my feet to the ball, stand up and lift it over my head and then back down to do it again....she's timing us 1 min on each drill.  The next is the medicine ball...over the head down lift one knee bounce off the knee back over the head down on the next raised knee bounce back up.  Then onto the body bands attached to the light pole...step in band, run!  (now the first gal was here did great....I'm going and I can't get my footing the grass is slippery...it was trampled by the gal before me and I can't stay on my feet!  It must have looked hilarious when I went down - needless to say we turned this around and went on the sidewalk after my lovely face plant).  Next up, squat lifts....2-15 pound dumbbells. - squat with them at chin level, lift them up over your head as you raise...OK not too bad (the first time around)  After the squat lifts I come to the steps...jump over two turn jump over the third so you are in position to jump back over them again.  Are you getting tired yet?  I am!  From here we move to the single rows.....lean over on the small square palm firm placed on top, bend knees, bend over butt out and row 4 times one arm, change to the other.  Not too bad, now to the squared cones....run from one cone to the middle, then run backwards to the next cone, go around this cone and run forward again to the middle - continue the full minute going around to each of the fours cones.  Finally our last drill in the circuit - bat and tire!  Now I had fun with this one, talk about a great one for all your frustrations!  Take the bat bend knees and swing full and hard twisting your body to hit the tire four times on each side, this was great to work your core sides.  OK that wasn't too bad right?  Well take a lap around the track and do it again!

Once we make it through the circuit again she has us do some ab work and stretch....yes, I am going to be sore tomorrow!  But if you think the most embarrassing part was me nearly falling on my face during the band run, you would be sadly mistaken - it's time for my bikini photo op!  ACK!!!  I go into the trainer office, lock the door behind me and commence to peeling off the sweat soaked athletic wear I have on....place on the bikini and reluctantly open the door to have Shelly come in and commence the shooting.  OK pictures done I can cover up now right?  Nope not yet, time to be pinched....YIKES is this really necessary?  Yes, it is I want to torture myself to make myself look good right?  I may need to re-think all this.  But, I get excited when she tells me my results....I'm down another percent in my body fat!  WOO HOO!!!!  YAY ME!!  I'm now 25%  so I'm making great progress and I haven't even stepped up my workout routine yet (plus I was not a good girl eating this past week/weekend) 

I am once again stoked and thinking I can do this!!! Which is good being as I received an email with highly recommended  purchases for my official training to begin....OK, I can get these.... a good pair of gloves, wrist wraps, and MAYBE some lifting hooks.  Shelly tells us that they have the gloves and wraps at the Kadena pro shop...sweet, I can get a 10% discount there I'll get those there...but the only place to get the lifting hooks is bodybuilding.com and she sends us the link: http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/rri/hooker.html  I go in and I order them, don't pay attention till I check out and in the order form it says I've ordered hooker straps, what?! is that right?  really they are called hooker straps, just what are these things going to do?!  I tell Andy and he says "yea baby these is sounding better and better for me"  HAHAHA....we'll see when they get here.  So, another purchase down...did I tell you all I am looking for some sponsorship?  Maybe I'll remind you all after the new year ;) 

Thanks for checking in with me again and for your support as I progress - I sure hope you are getting a good laugh out of my torture :D

<3 n hugs!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's workout LOL

Ok so I'm not in the gym everyday....yet - but I got my work out today!  I came home from helping out in the kindergarten classroom today and came home to this: 

Oh No Santa!!  MAYDAY!!! MAYDAY!!

........So up to the roof I go to save Santa and his helicopter.  Please note how wet the road is in the second picture....yes it is raining!   Rain boots on, rain coat, pull out ladder, climb on roof and VOILA - Safety wire saves the day! 

Santa is back up and ready to fly again!  Now just to hope I don't get sick from being out in the cold wind and rain - I cannot get sick just before my training begins...T minus 17 days!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just over one week out of Christmas - the holiday goodies have started to come in and I have my mantra running through my head.....
Don't give up what you want the most for what you want at the moment....
So much easier said than done....too bad I'm saying it as I'm opening my mouth and tasting all this deliciousness!!!  I'm cheating but boy it is no where near what I would have done in years before!  So I feel good about that but I still feel bad that I've caved. 

SO to the gym I go :)

Have a great day!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Started

Hello Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Small Business Owners, etc ;) -

So it is official, I have written my first check and I am now one of "Shelly's 2011 Figure Girls."   Many of you might ask what is a Shelly Girl?  Well, it's now me - and I still have yet to decide if I am crazy or really excited about this venture - I am one of 11 girls that Shelly had handpicked to train for the 2011 Far East Bodybuilding Competition.  * Note, I am not body building I will be competing in the figure portion only (from mccs Okinawa - the judges shall assess the athleticism of the physique. This is not a bodybuilding contest. A small degree of muscularity with separation is desired, with no visible striations. The muscle tone should appear firm and round with a small amount of body fat over the muscle, and no excessive leanness. The figure competitions provide alternatives for athletic women who (a) train (b) do not wish to gain muscle size and vascularity and (c) do not have a strong gymnastic/dance background.   Judges are looking for the - best package of symmetry, stage presence, overall skin tone and femininity.)

Seriously though, I am really excited!  For those of you who know me, you know that I have always been one to give that extra hand, help where I can and am normally the first to volunteer when most others would or could not.  I've volunteered my time, sweat, muscle, money, ear, body and more on many different scales between my husband's job/unit for many years, the kids classrooms, I even was a surrogate twice carrying and delivering twins to two wonderful couples...I'm now doing something for me and I AM EXCITED!!  (Still my family benefits from us eating healthier and my hubby well he'll have this toned and sleek wife on his arm how can he complain? - so maybe I am still doing this for others....no, un-doubtfully it is for me!)

I got the official "You're in" on December 2nd...I was worried that I would not be accepted because when I initially was talking with my trainer Shelly (who is wonderful by the way check out her website www.trainingbyshelly.com) she said that ideally she would like to have her girls at about a 20% body fat...I was 28 the beginning f November how in the heck was I going to get that down?!  She took my measurements again about 4 weeks later and I was down to 26!  WOO HOO but still not where she said she would like to have her girls starting.   So, I was a little bummed thinking I didn’t make the cut…but then got this great email "I'm going to let you in b/c I've already been working with you, know your bod a bit, and know your habits. I think you'll rock this group, you are a hard worker!"  YAY me!!  I have been training with Shelly in her boot camp since the end of September and I have lost in that time 2.25 inches on both my belly and thighs! 

I then continue to read through the rest of the email and she needs to take a picture of me in a bikini YIKES!  A bikini are you serious?  I only own one that I bought to be funny from Victoria Secrets last summer...it's a polka dot bikini girl! OMG ok I can do this no problem right (I was not expecting to be seen in a bikini out of the house though) - which probably has you thinking now well Crystal have you seen what those girls wear on stage?  Yes, I have and that is a bridge I'm going to have to cross when I get to it as it terrifies me to think about right now... I'm hoping that by the time I actually have to wear it though I will be rock solid - I'm still jiggly like Jell-O right now ;)

So here I go – venturing down a road that I would not have ever expected to go down but can’t wait.  I have been so jazzed with the boot camp and my results there and taking this next step to my workout routine and having a goal has me beside myself.  Yes, I do indeed think that I have officially gone off the deep end....but if this is the deep end then I am happy I am in the best shape of my life and it's only getting better!

I look forward to having you follow me, and to receiving your input, suggestions, etc. as I venture into the world of Fitness Figure Competition!  

Oh btw, I will be looking to have some sponsorships/donations as I progress if you may be interested...any little bit will help.  Here's a breakdown of what I know my costs are thus far:

Training - $150.00/month January -June (the competition is mid-late June)
Posing - $15.00/session (24 sessions) 
Supplements - range in price from $20.00 - $75.00 (Whey Protein, vitamins, etc. – they have some here on island but I most likely will be ordering from www.bodybuilding.com )
Registration fee - not determined yet
Suit - varies $150.00 - $3,000.00+ (ya, I'll be on the low end of this; could you imagine paying 5k for a suit?! There are some out there!)

If you'd like to help I would very much appreciate it...every little bit helps!
Please send your donation via
Or mail to
Crystal Gates
PSC 557 Box 2463
FPO, AP 96379