Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Final 2010 Bootcamp!!

Shelly had us working till the end!

So we were short a few on our final day but that didn't stop us from getting our sweat on!
Our final workout today consisted of the following:

10 clean and press w/bar (that would be the one I'm holding in the pic above)

15 box jumps...Shelly (middle in pink sweatshirt) is sitting on it so you can get an idea of how high we had to jump

Run across field and side squat up the bleachers right then left

Run back across field and do 12 split leg dead w/dumbbells (yes you have to keep your balance on these ones folks!)

Drag tire to cone and back (the cones were the width of a football field) and there were an additional 30 pounds added to the tire by the dumbbell's lying inside

15 Plie squats holding 25lb plate

20 Band jumps - these were interesting, the bands were attached to the side of the bleachers, you stepped into the band so that it rested across the back of your hip then step back for tension and lean back before jumping...again it was a balancing act :)

Kid Carry to cone and back - yes, we had to take of one the children and give them a piggy back ride across the field...they loved it!

Lunge 20 and then run 1/4 of track, repeat to go the full track.

We then finished off the hour with ab work...yes, I will be very sore later!  Thank goodness for the Xtend in my water - what would I do with out it!   

So today marks my last day of boot camp, the almost last workout of the year (Plan on another 5 mile bike ride on Friday) and it all brings me to T minus (YIKES) 4 days before I start training hard for the competition!

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