Sunday, December 26, 2010

January Program

I just got it emailed to me, my January Program and yes my saying I was scared was an understatement....I am officially terrified!  YIKES!  I've been 'training' in boot camp with Shelly since the end of September...I see the pictures I took before and the pictures that she just took of me as my 'official before' pictures and there is a major difference....BUT I'm looking at the workouts and I have to say, it all looks GREEK to me!  I feel as though everything she has taught me the past few months did not absorb, what are these exercises she wants me to do?!  AGH...I am so going to need to have a walk through on this before I embark on the road to the best figure I've ever had! 

Speaking of is a picture that I took in September and the picture that Shelly took of me last week....Big difference I know - I can't wait to see how it continues to progress!  Here's to me looking great, my family learning healthier choices and making new friends and changes to last a lifetime ;)

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