Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Started

Hello Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Small Business Owners, etc ;) -

So it is official, I have written my first check and I am now one of "Shelly's 2011 Figure Girls."   Many of you might ask what is a Shelly Girl?  Well, it's now me - and I still have yet to decide if I am crazy or really excited about this venture - I am one of 11 girls that Shelly had handpicked to train for the 2011 Far East Bodybuilding Competition.  * Note, I am not body building I will be competing in the figure portion only (from mccs Okinawa - the judges shall assess the athleticism of the physique. This is not a bodybuilding contest. A small degree of muscularity with separation is desired, with no visible striations. The muscle tone should appear firm and round with a small amount of body fat over the muscle, and no excessive leanness. The figure competitions provide alternatives for athletic women who (a) train (b) do not wish to gain muscle size and vascularity and (c) do not have a strong gymnastic/dance background.   Judges are looking for the - best package of symmetry, stage presence, overall skin tone and femininity.)

Seriously though, I am really excited!  For those of you who know me, you know that I have always been one to give that extra hand, help where I can and am normally the first to volunteer when most others would or could not.  I've volunteered my time, sweat, muscle, money, ear, body and more on many different scales between my husband's job/unit for many years, the kids classrooms, I even was a surrogate twice carrying and delivering twins to two wonderful couples...I'm now doing something for me and I AM EXCITED!!  (Still my family benefits from us eating healthier and my hubby well he'll have this toned and sleek wife on his arm how can he complain? - so maybe I am still doing this for, un-doubtfully it is for me!)

I got the official "You're in" on December 2nd...I was worried that I would not be accepted because when I initially was talking with my trainer Shelly (who is wonderful by the way check out her website she said that ideally she would like to have her girls at about a 20% body fat...I was 28 the beginning f November how in the heck was I going to get that down?!  She took my measurements again about 4 weeks later and I was down to 26!  WOO HOO but still not where she said she would like to have her girls starting.   So, I was a little bummed thinking I didn’t make the cut…but then got this great email "I'm going to let you in b/c I've already been working with you, know your bod a bit, and know your habits. I think you'll rock this group, you are a hard worker!"  YAY me!!  I have been training with Shelly in her boot camp since the end of September and I have lost in that time 2.25 inches on both my belly and thighs! 

I then continue to read through the rest of the email and she needs to take a picture of me in a bikini YIKES!  A bikini are you serious?  I only own one that I bought to be funny from Victoria Secrets last's a polka dot bikini girl! OMG ok I can do this no problem right (I was not expecting to be seen in a bikini out of the house though) - which probably has you thinking now well Crystal have you seen what those girls wear on stage?  Yes, I have and that is a bridge I'm going to have to cross when I get to it as it terrifies me to think about right now... I'm hoping that by the time I actually have to wear it though I will be rock solid - I'm still jiggly like Jell-O right now ;)

So here I go – venturing down a road that I would not have ever expected to go down but can’t wait.  I have been so jazzed with the boot camp and my results there and taking this next step to my workout routine and having a goal has me beside myself.  Yes, I do indeed think that I have officially gone off the deep end....but if this is the deep end then I am happy I am in the best shape of my life and it's only getting better!

I look forward to having you follow me, and to receiving your input, suggestions, etc. as I venture into the world of Fitness Figure Competition!  

Oh btw, I will be looking to have some sponsorships/donations as I progress if you may be interested...any little bit will help.  Here's a breakdown of what I know my costs are thus far:

Training - $150.00/month January -June (the competition is mid-late June)
Posing - $15.00/session (24 sessions) 
Supplements - range in price from $20.00 - $75.00 (Whey Protein, vitamins, etc. – they have some here on island but I most likely will be ordering from )
Registration fee - not determined yet
Suit - varies $150.00 - $3,000.00+ (ya, I'll be on the low end of this; could you imagine paying 5k for a suit?! There are some out there!)

If you'd like to help I would very much appreciate it...every little bit helps!
Please send your donation via
Or mail to
Crystal Gates
PSC 557 Box 2463
FPO, AP 96379


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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm already donating to this cause in more ways than one. I also know you'll tell me one at a time and at specific times what they are so I won't run. Regardless I think your going to do great and look forward to living this and seeing your many emotions that I'm sure I'm going to see that you only share with me. I love you and Good luck!