Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years

 As we end this year and look to the new one, we all start to think about our New Years Resolutions....yes, those silly things we all say we are going to do as we start the new year and then most of the time forget or relapse come Valentines Day if we're lucky ;) 
Well, this year you know I have do this Figure competition and keep myself (and my family) fit.  I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about my goal and progress thus far on the competition and she told me that is a great mid-life crisis....OMG I'm not old enough for a mid life crisis am I?  Is this really what I'm doing?  I've hit my 'mid-life' and am looking for a change?  No way, I'm only turning 36 in another few days, that's not mid life!  I still feel young - for the most part....

But, it really got me thinking about this and reflecting back on my life thus far and NO, I do not think this is a mid life crisis I have always been one to yo-yo in my weight (as most people), I've done the crash diets, I've gone to weight loss clinics, I've taken appetite suppressants and they all have lasted for a little while....then I either get pregnant or I'd get a little depressed and start eating the cakes and pastries that would just tack on more weight....this time I am learning how to do it right and I'm going to keep it off and teach my kids the way that they should be eating as well, keeping them healthier and hopefully away from the life of up and down weight craziness that they have seen their father and I succumb ourselves to. 

So I it what you may, a mid life crisis or otherwise, I am doing something good, not only for myself but my whole family.  Something to ensure that I will be here to enjoy the rest of my kids lives, and someday (I shiver at the thought) my grandchildrens' lives as well.

As this year ends and you think of your New Years Resolutions, I challenge you to make this year different and stick with it to quit smoking or drinking, to exercise more or make healthy could be something maybe closer to home - call your parents more often or not yell at your kids as much - be it what it may, you can do it! Taking a quote from my trainer Shelly:

If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, you’d go to med school…. If you wanted to train your dog, you’d take
him to obedience school…. If you want to get in shape, you wouldn’t look at the clubs…. or at Burger
King…. Or in bunco or wives groups, would you? Set your priorities for success… don’t tempt yourself by
hanging out in the wrong places… with the wrong crowds."

Think about those words when the temptation comes to break your resolution and DO NOT DO IT! Instead, change your priorities and get the negative out of your life, you'll feel better about yourself for doing it I promise! ;)

Here's wishing you all a very Prosperous New Year, stay safe with your celebrations and remember to designate a driver if you are planning on drinking or call a cab.

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