Friday, December 24, 2010

I made the 'good list' Santa was nice to me!

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope that you have an amazingly blessed day!  Things in Oki were great, the kids slept in...I was the first up at 7 it was nice specially since I didn't get to bed till midnight prepping for this wonderful Christmas morning.  You won't find me doing this today:

But, I did get a lot of great workout gear and some extra supplements to get me started with a bang - I am T minus 8 days!
3 new workout pants, 4 tops and a couple jackets....Chocolate protein, Refreshing Apple Xtend, Lifting Hooks and a Medicine Ball YAY!!!

Next thing to expect - my workout schedule from Shelly ( only two more boot camps with her this upcoming week then I am at the mercy of her workout schedule/plan and my dedication...I can't wait!

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