Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catching up from the weekend

Hi all! 

So I hope that you all were able to get your last weekend before Christmas shopping done....the store here were crazy but when it's payday and we only have so many places to shop, what did I expect really?  The weekend though was good.  I was down another pound when I weighed in on Friday so that was a plus, we had a great Unit Christmas party and the hubby and I even got out and rode the bikes this weekend, the kids are on winter break and we are so close to Christmas, it's going to be a great week right?! 

Well, what a way to start it off them right into boot camp (only 3 more sessions before the real training begins). Wow....I thought the 5 mile bike ride on Saturday morning was a bit tough - though I was happy that my hubby and I went out and did it; 5+ miles on Futenma (the air station here on Okinawa) took us 35 minutes first time out.  That was nothing to the workout Shelly had us doing today!  I was messing around on face book before heading out and I see she has posted this: "Dbells, boxes, body-bands, a tire and a baseball bat..... Merry Monday!"  YIKES!  What does she have planned for us?!  She wasn't kidding!  we got to the gym and she has the square set up for looks like a war zone!  Tthe body bands are tied to the light post, the bat is next to to the tire, there are 5 cones set in a square, 3 steps (the aerobic style ones you would use in class) each with two stackers under them all in a row, the small square step used in the weight room with the dumbbells next to them, the half moon ball - upside down, a 5g medicine ball and 2-15 pound dumbbells....oh this is going to hurt!

She starts us with 3 laps around the square to warm up then we start....I go to the upside down  half moon ball and assume the push up position - I have to bounce the ball 4 times (in the push up position so it's like a clapping push up I guess would be the description) then jump my feet to the ball, stand up and lift it over my head and then back down to do it again....she's timing us 1 min on each drill.  The next is the medicine ball...over the head down lift one knee bounce off the knee back over the head down on the next raised knee bounce back up.  Then onto the body bands attached to the light pole...step in band, run!  (now the first gal was here did great....I'm going and I can't get my footing the grass is was trampled by the gal before me and I can't stay on my feet!  It must have looked hilarious when I went down - needless to say we turned this around and went on the sidewalk after my lovely face plant).  Next up, squat lifts....2-15 pound dumbbells. - squat with them at chin level, lift them up over your head as you raise...OK not too bad (the first time around)  After the squat lifts I come to the steps...jump over two turn jump over the third so you are in position to jump back over them again.  Are you getting tired yet?  I am!  From here we move to the single rows.....lean over on the small square palm firm placed on top, bend knees, bend over butt out and row 4 times one arm, change to the other.  Not too bad, now to the squared from one cone to the middle, then run backwards to the next cone, go around this cone and run forward again to the middle - continue the full minute going around to each of the fours cones.  Finally our last drill in the circuit - bat and tire!  Now I had fun with this one, talk about a great one for all your frustrations!  Take the bat bend knees and swing full and hard twisting your body to hit the tire four times on each side, this was great to work your core sides.  OK that wasn't too bad right?  Well take a lap around the track and do it again!

Once we make it through the circuit again she has us do some ab work and stretch....yes, I am going to be sore tomorrow!  But if you think the most embarrassing part was me nearly falling on my face during the band run, you would be sadly mistaken - it's time for my bikini photo op!  ACK!!!  I go into the trainer office, lock the door behind me and commence to peeling off the sweat soaked athletic wear I have on the bikini and reluctantly open the door to have Shelly come in and commence the shooting.  OK pictures done I can cover up now right?  Nope not yet, time to be pinched....YIKES is this really necessary?  Yes, it is I want to torture myself to make myself look good right?  I may need to re-think all this.  But, I get excited when she tells me my results....I'm down another percent in my body fat!  WOO HOO!!!!  YAY ME!!  I'm now 25%  so I'm making great progress and I haven't even stepped up my workout routine yet (plus I was not a good girl eating this past week/weekend) 

I am once again stoked and thinking I can do this!!! Which is good being as I received an email with highly recommended  purchases for my official training to begin....OK, I can get these.... a good pair of gloves, wrist wraps, and MAYBE some lifting hooks.  Shelly tells us that they have the gloves and wraps at the Kadena pro shop...sweet, I can get a 10% discount there I'll get those there...but the only place to get the lifting hooks is and she sends us the link:  I go in and I order them, don't pay attention till I check out and in the order form it says I've ordered hooker straps, what?! is that right?  really they are called hooker straps, just what are these things going to do?!  I tell Andy and he says "yea baby these is sounding better and better for me"  HAHAHA....we'll see when they get here.  So, another purchase down...did I tell you all I am looking for some sponsorship?  Maybe I'll remind you all after the new year ;) 

Thanks for checking in with me again and for your support as I progress - I sure hope you are getting a good laugh out of my torture :D

<3 n hugs!

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  1. I think I lost weight reading your post! I am super excited to cheer you on form afar--- wait how much would it cost to get on the rotator for the competition?! I am SUPER proud of you!!!!