Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Official Day One!!!

Happy New Year! Hope that everyone had a great ringing in of 2011!  Me, not much went to the gym on Saturday (yes the 1st) to meet Shelly who was going to help me understand the Greek workouts she gave hour later and I think I have a few of the days figured out...that's a start right?! 

Present day - 3 January 2011

What a glorious morning today is!  That was my initial thought as I got up, got the kids ready and dropped off to school.  Even the weather - which was cold, dark and threatening rain.  Today is my First Official Day of TRAINING!!!  WOO HOO!!!! I was very excited getting to the gym this morning with my girlfriend Laura who has graciously offered to join me a few days a week. 

We have a good workout ahead of us, a 10 minute warm up then 4 super sets to work out Legs, Biceps and Abs.  We get into the gym and it is packed!  Long holiday weekend, first Monday of the year and I swear everyone decided to hit the gym at the same time as us today....only thing available for us to warm up on...the bike - UUGGHH!  I very much dislike the bike but OK, I can do ten minutes here no problem...suck it up Crystal you have a long way to go :)

Warm up completed and we move to the weight room...again crowded but not too bad and it seems as though we have someone looking out for us today.....each machine we needed to use as we got to it was OPEN!  YES!  We rock out the first couple exercise rounds...4 sets each super set - we are feeling good and the muscles are starting to burn.  We get to our third exercise set and I knock out the fist set pf leg extensions these are super set with 12 standing bicep hammer curls using 15 pound dumb bells....I get through about 7 and then my left arm decides not to cooperate with me any longer, my elbow goes out to the side as I'm lifting up and I suddenly hear this voice in my head which I swear very much sounds like Shelly - "Keep that elbow in Crystal!  Don't you dare let that elbow go out - lift that weight all the way...THERE"  one set down...2 more to go.   Again get the leg extensions completed and back to hammer curls....I get through 7 again and there goes that darn elbow UUGGHH  I'm only on my first day really!!!  Fight through the last 5 again and yell at myself to keep that elbow tucked, making faces and pushing the air through my teeth...yes, I had to have been very attractive at this point, but, whew, got that set down I'm on my last one....Legs are burning but get through my 20 more extensions and back to my last set of curls.....I get 5 done this time....push, one more......push one more 7, my left arm is now not listening to me whatsoever, it will not lift up the dumbbell I have 5 more to go and it won't move....I put down the weights, stretch a bit wiggle my arms hug myself and get back I push out 3 more...YES!!! Two more to go and I'm not sure I can do it....Laura though helps me through...THANK YOU LAURA!!!  Last exercise set, abs - again we get to the machine and I had told Laura coming in that we may have a problem getting on it as it was one of the most popular ones (Shelly told me this)  no one there, again I couldn't have asked for this day to have worked out better for us....we rock through the 3 super sets and then back to do 30 minutes of cardio.

We get back to the cardio room and again everyone I guess is trying to work off their holiday indulgences....the place feels like a sauna it is so warm and it stinks, doesn't anyone know what deodorant is?  There is nothing next to each other so Laura goes to the treadmill to run and I get on the elliptical...We get our 30 minutes completed there...Wow, we made it through the first work out!  high fives, big smiles and pats on back (not really we were really sweaty now too) What a great work out that was!  Yes, it sure was.

I get back home, hubby and I make a quick run to the Commissary for more egg whites as I am out - I am going through them like diet for just one day consists of 5 egg whites in the morning, 4 more for lunch, and 3 for one of my snacks.  Of course I fill him in on the great workout we had and how I am excited to have him go with me on Saturday (the only day he will work out with me)...He's really excited about it I can tell - NOT. After lunch we sit on the couch to watch football - and next thing I know he's waking me up to get the kids from school! 

Now that was a good workout if I can fall asleep that quickly! Another couple hours and I'll be headed back to the gym for my evening round of Cardio - ZUMBA  I can't wait!

Oh just in case your wondering my schedule looks like this:
Mon - Gym morning (weight training/cardio) Zumba evening (cardio)
Tues - First am Cardio - Gym morning (weight training/cardio) Yoga
Wed - Gym morning (weight training/cardio) Zumba evening  (cardio)
Fri - First am Cadio Gym morning (weight training/cardio) Yoga 9:00 Posing Class 11:30
Sat - Gym time? (weight training/cardio - Gunners)

 My first morning cardio will be literally the first thing I do when I wake up...around 5am ;) FUN! FUN! FUN!  I'm thinking if I keep the positive attitude up the entire time I should be fine right....if not, I'll have to just come back and read these blogs to remind myself how excited I was when this all began! HEHEHE

Have a wonderful day all!