Thursday, January 13, 2011


I know we all hate them don't we.....SCALES UUGGHH!  Well, Today is Friday and it is weigh in day. I decided to get on my scale at home before jumping into the shower after working out to see where I was at.  I tap on the scale it does it thing and the wonderful 0 shows up...OK stand on scale - 282!  WHAT!  282!!  I haven't seen the 200's since November of 08 and I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins for my second surrogacy....Obviously it was wrong! 

SO, I get off - let it turn off, tap it again wait for the 0 and commence to standing on the scale once again...I get an E.  Alright I give up I'll just get ready to head to my 'posing class' and meet my doom with no warning.  As I am on my way to meet up with the other girls and Shelly I get a call from my hubby - oops I forgot to tell him the scale is acting funny.  He tells me he weighed himself and so I promptly ask did it work for you? 
"oh ya baby it worked" 
"it did?!"
"Yup, it said I weighed 110!"
"Are you kidding me is the scale against me I mean really weigh me in at 282 and him at 110!  The scale is going to meet it's end!"

Yes, we will be getting a new scale soon, that one has had it's last stand with us ;)

All in all though, my weigh in today was great!  I get to the gym and commence to stand on the 'official' scale...Shelly is like "wow, you are officially the one to loose the most on this program"  YES!!  "oh wait, that's a 4 not a 9"  Uh Oh...Turns out though that was OK....I am down 2 more pounds!!  YAY! 

Hope that you all are not thwarted by your scale anytime really can be your best friend (when the numbers go down) but have that thing add on a few (or even more than a few) and it better be careful!  Remember too that getting on the scale regularly holds you accountable for your weight...a variation of a pound or two isn't too bad but when those 2-3 pounds start turning into 5-6 what's to stop them from turning into 9-10....YOU! 

Don't let it get away from you...get on that scale and make sure that you are with in your range (wherever that may be) and hold yourself accountable - if it's a little heavy, do something about it (other than complain)!  Change your eating if you need to, think about what is going into your mouth BEFORE you put it there...craving that chocolate, need some ice cream have some but keep it in moderation or better yet, pick up the sugar free version or dark chocolate instead, both are better options but still limit your intake, your hips will thank you for it!

Quote for the day -
"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being,
while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it."

Grab a friend and go for a walk around the neighborhood, a ride on the bike or brisk pace in the warmth of the mall....all it takes is a little bit each day to get you started on the road to dropping those pounds :)


  1. ok, so you are officially assigned as my new motivation person!

  2. Loved that post!
    My scale was really wierd today too. ODD.
    I am buying a new one. (-: