Monday, January 24, 2011

Pushing through the ick!

So I did it....I pushed my body to it's edge and it's tried to break me - I won't let it though! 

Saturday we had a great day of family pics but it was cold out with the wind and being on the water - but the sun was ot and it was beautiful I was so happy to be able to have that to finally have these pictures taken, it had been rainy and ugly all week and so I was worried we may have to re-schedule but all worked out well.  SO we had the pictures done then had a few more errands to run before I could hit the gym....get everything done and I get home to change and I cannot breathe!  My head suddenly feels like it is three times the size that it should be and my sinus' are so swollen I can't think of even trying to inhale through my nose...UUGHH! I can't have this now! So I text my girlfriend, I am going to just take it easy and not hit the gym; do a little bit here at the house instead and go to bed (EARLY!) 

Sunday I wake up and the flood gates have opened, I have ugly green/yellow gunk coming out of my nose which won't stop (Sorry for the icky info!)  I add some more vitamins to my daily regime; echinacea, lyzine and three extra tablets of Vit. C and talk to my trainer - this is what she told me to do:

"REST! This is what happens to alot of girls initially. Your body is just worn down. Keep taking your vitamins and the glutamine. Don't force food in if you aren't feeling up to eating. Today, since it's Sunday, get some nice carbs; fruit, cereal, yogurt... don't make today ALL PROTEIN. That makes your body work extra hard. Keep drinking your water too. I would NOT do the early AM cardios next week. And Miss Martha Stewart is going to have to DOWN-GRADE her schedule I'm afraid :( Sorry you don't feel good."

So, I got dressed went to teach Sunday school and then told my kiddos and family that we were skipping church Mommy doesn't feel good and I need to get some fresh fruit into the house to munch on since I got the OK :D Yay me!!  Get tot he commissary to get the wonderful fresh fruit they have there and with just a handful of items I walk out $75.00 lighter but am going home to sleep.  I lay down on the couch, attempt to watch a movie and get the much needed rest.

I feel better Monday (or so I thought) still not a 100% but better, I can some what breathe - I go in for my 10 minute warm up and the sweat feels good, this is going to help me!  I push through my work-out (Monday is Legs/Biceps/Abs) get through half of my first set on the leg press and I have to close my mind and push out the weakness to get the press up - What was I thinking working out by myself today?!  It's OK Crystal you can do it it's only a few sets you will make it through! - so this argument continues in my head each time I move from one exercise to another - I keep turning the music up on my iPhone so I'm sure the whole gym can hear it but I have to check out and think of only the muscle I am working on and push it to get through!  I finally complete the work out and opt out of the cardio following - I will have to do it later, I can't make it...I run into a gal pal of mine who was in the boot camp with me and she asked me how I was feeling because I wasn't looking to good....great, I look as bad as I feel!  We sit and chat for a little bit in the lobby of the gym and as I begin to cool off I feel somewhat better but damn I am TIRED!!  so we say our goodbyes, I get home into a nice hot shower and lay down....I don't think my head even hit the pillow and I was out - thank goodness I had the sense to tell my hubby that I was going to take a nap and have an alarm on my phone....the two of them made sure I was up in time to get the boys from school.

So, now you are wondering did I get my cardio in for the day?  I did still get some cardio in, not as much as I would have liked but still 20 minutes is better than nothing right?  And that is what is important, keeping yourself moving when you have made the dedication to do something.  Today was a ton better, I can breathe and while I am still tired, I was able to make it through today's workout much better - just had to lighten the weights on a couple reps but that I can live with - for now. 

I'm two days into week 4, I have had my bout of the ick and I am ready to forge forward once again - only 131 days till show day will I will be ready? If I live by today's quote I sure will be!

Quote of the post:
 "Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?"
– Peter Maher, Canadian marathon runner

I am choosing to be strong - hope you are too!

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