Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stepmill, Weigh-in and Temptations.....

Girl Scout Cookies (yes they are selling in Okinawa already), Valentines cookies, and one heck of a sweet tooth leads to lots of temptations....items that are NOT on my diet - thus far though I have managed to tell each cute little girl that has come up to me asking me to buy their super yummy cookies - "No Thank You"
The kids are getting excited about what Valentine's they want to buy for their classroom exchanges and soof course that means I have to stand smack dab in the middle of all those boxes of chocolates - there is not a store we can go into that doesn't have a display of those wonderful melt in your mouth deliciousness that I woudl love to have...but again they are not on my diet so I have to strong and let the boys mill over their choices.  I instead go over to the sugar free gum and candy isle just a couple rows down and tempt myself to the sugar free yumminess that is my 'personal treat' that can hold me over till I get home to look at that picture of my suit and where I am expecting myself to be come June 5th....remember this next time temptation is knocking on your doorstep "Don't trade what you want most, for what you want at the moment" - Shelly the world according to eggface (which btw is a great site to find some wonderfully yummy meals, protein shakes, and more)

Weighing in this week and getting my new body fat percentage, I have to say that I was very proud of myself and my strength against those yummy candies and treats.....drum roll please - down anohter 2 pounds and another % in body fat!!!  Those intense work-outs are doing their job....the diet is working the way it is supposed to and I am on the road to looking the best I ever have before! 

How are your work outs going?  Are you keeping up with your own personal goal of trying to exercise?  Have you exceeded where you thought you would be?  How do you know you are?  Are you keeping track of those workouts you should be along with your food intake.  Friday's are one of my leg days - Hamstrings to be exact and boy did I work them hard yesterday!  Not only did I do my squat jumps, reverse squats, deadlifts, split leg dead lifts,  hamstring curls, kickbacks and plie squats but I also decided to do the Stairmill....if you have one in your gym you know these machines are no joke - I did 20 minutes and I was dripping like I had just stepped out of the shower the work out was that intense.

I climbed at 40 for 2 minutes then stepped it up to 70 for another 2 minutes, next I kick it up to 90 for a minute then drop back down to 40 and skip a step for another minute.  I then move it back up to 60 and turn backwards for a minute, sideways one way for another minute then turn to the other side for a minute once again.  9 minutes down and you should be feeling the burn/tiredness/sweat etc.  for the last minute  kick it up to 90 then I said I did 20 minutes so this set twice....try it, you may hate how it feels...but I promise you will like the results if you stick with it! 

Quote of the post:
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
-Vince Lombardi

Break that habit,  don't quit your desire to feel better about yourself.  Get out there and feel better about yourself, you are the only one you can blame or be proud of for the decision that you make now.

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