Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 3 in full effect - well at least starting strong :)

Monday January 17 brings me to the start of my third week already in training!  I can't believe it I already have 2 weeks under my belt and only 19 more before the competition - Thank goodness I still have lots of time to get to my goal! 

So today's work out took me back to my first week work out (my trainer Shelly gives me two workout schedules to rotate in the month...weeks 1 & 3 and then weeks 2 & 4) I get to the gym and it being a holiday (MLK) I was worried it would be crowded and I may instead go to another gym on the island....Nope, everyone must still be home watching football YAY for me!  I get in and get started with a quick 10 minute warm-up (the cardio room was a little crowded but I got on a machine so that was a great sign)  OK out to the weight room to get my muscle on!  The hack squat machine is full so I go to my next set of exercises and all is good there, get to the Smith machine and get busy with my squats - today is Legs/Biceps/Abs alright I can do this lets go...get through the four sets of plie squats super set with bicep curls and I'm feeling good.  Look over Hack squat is open SWEET!  get over there knock them out with my alternating lunges  then onto extensions and hammer curls (oh no I had issues with these the first week if you read my Day 1 post you know how it went)

I bring my 15 pound dumbbells, place them in front of the extension machine and get ready to start my extensions....the first week I had my weight at 30 and I was struggling by the I get on there and nearly kick myself in the face with the 30 (well not really since the machine will only let you go so far) there was hardly no resistance so I bumped it up to through the set with some trouble at the end but that's what we want, work it hard to the end and push ourselves through the last couple of reps right!  Then onto the hammer curls (again had issues the first week with these struggling at the first 7) get through making sure to keep my elbows in as that was the issue besides getting the weight up the first time around right?  Not a problem for me this week, got through them with the pressure on the last couple reps again YES!!  did my four sets and then it was onto to the machine I needed and had to wait just a little bit then rocked out my 4 sets there...then looked at my sheet - I only needed to do 3; all my other sets today had been 4 so I figured this one was too so I got a bit extra in my abs today which I know I will be feeling tomorrow :)

So I am patting myself on the back for getting through the workout better than I had the first week and love that I can tell you all about the improvement!  (and hope and pray that it continues....but it will right! - YES, it sure will!!)

Quote of the post....
"You've reached middle age when all you exercise is caution." -unknown
NO! NO! NO! Here's a better one!!!
"True life is lived when tiny changes occur."
- Leo Tolstoy

Remember we could not walk at birth, we took small actions to get there, first we rolled over, then we crawled, then we took a few steps before we could really walk which then led us to run and takes time and baby steps to get you to a goal but you've done it before....go and do it again.  Learn how to 'run' once more and get that body you dream of back - stop feeding that skinny lady (or man) in you - the cookies and sweets may shut them up for a little while but they will start screaming again.  Once you embrace that,  the next thing you know you won't be hearing that person in your head any longer but actually looking them in the eye when you stand in front of the mirror instead! 

Get out there today and take a walk with your loved one, skip and play with your kids, or just park a little further away from the mall/store door - take in the fresh air - you will feel better about yourself in the long run! Baby steps go a long way.......

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