Sunday, May 8, 2011

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

What an amazing Mother's Day!  Started the day out with a Faux Show which was really fun; we were able to actually get on stage and get the 'feel' for what we will be doing in just 4 weeks!! 

My kids made me a great JibJab card 'Mom Rap' loved it, then we went out shopping for some new workout gear and they also got me a new pair of running shoes! To think that I am very excited over new workout stuff!  We had a great day out and not even much fighting! (now that is a feat in itself ;) )  I unfortunately dropped and busted the screen on my iPhone so that was a major bummer addition to the great day; I got this amazing email from my trainer:

Crystal, a couple things;
Front pose, right on, lats out, nice. Just remember to push/lean onto your toes... it will help keep your legs tight.

Side poses, awesome, nice twisting :) Make sure when you turn though, that you don't let your abs OUT. Keep them tight while turning into each pose.

Back pose- I'm not sure that you have your lats out in this pic? It looks like you are just raising your shoulders. Doesn't look tight in your lats. If you had more width, your back pose would be ROCKIN. We gotta practice it more. I'm curious; if you get into your front pose,... THAT should be almost what your back pose is like too, just have to then lean back.

Want you to add back 3x a week am cardio, empty stomach, just for the next two weeks.

You look good girl, almost there!!!!

YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!!  so other than having to add back in the early AM cardio I am almost there!  WOO HOO!! 

Here are the pics from today:

So 4 weeks left from today before we hit the stage for real....I think we are getting there just a few more days of practice practice practice and gym gym gym oh and diet diet diet!!!

I hope that you all are sticking with and reaching your goals - I love hearing about your success, failure and restart and your getting started - be sure to keep sharing with me!  And a big BIG CONGRATULATIONS to my dear friend Regina for her and her hubby's success each down two sizes!!  I am so proud of you both!  Keep up the good work - you are the example for your children, show them the way and they will lead a life of fitness as well and hopefully not struggle as we have...Love you both!

Today's Quote of the Post:

" Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I give myself reasons why I can." - Unknown

Also unknown that I use all the time "You are an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCAN'T"  Look at the positive in all of your goals...there will always be a reason why you can't do something - it's those that see why they CAN that are set apart from the rest...You can do it!  I know you can!!  One day at a time, one work-out at a time.



  1. Regina SaavedraMay 9, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    WOW Crystal you look AWESOME!! I am soooo proud of you and insired by you!! Thank you for supporting us on our journey! We are very proud of what we have done and working hard to get to our goals!! LOVE YOU!!!!