Saturday, May 14, 2011

Numbers and Breathing

3 WEEKS....OMG ONLY 3 WEEKS to the big show!

I only have two weeks of hard training left before I get to relax and just do the prep stuff for the competition....competitors meetings, tanning, waxing, hair make up photo shoots - I think I have everything together and appointments made for the big day! 

I have only 6 more training sessions with Shelly and I can't believe it!  All this is coming to an end, and it's bitter sweet, it has been an amazing road and I can't believe that we are nearly in the single digits...I can almost count the days left before the show on my fingers and toes. 

Am I nervous - am I scared that I am going to trip, stumble, be completely lost on that stage?YES!  But, I am keeping a positive attitude that all is going to go well as a positive attitude = positive results right?!  So I am taking each day now being very careful as I don't want to have any crazy scratches, cuts or bruises...I will be whitening my teeth soon and I will continue to moisturize to ensure that my skin will look the best it can that day as well.  I think I have it all together (and if not, I will refer to my notes and of course to my trainer) Everything has to look just so on that day as I go across that stage - so you can imagine my freak out when I woke up with this last Saturday morning: (warning the photo is not for the weak of heart ;) )

Yes,  I busted a blood vessel in my right eye last Friday (before Mother's Day)  I was working with Shelly on Shoulder's, we had a pretty heavy set that when I stood up from my eyes were watering and told the other gals "careful girls she's trying to kill us"  I got up the next morning to this.  You can imagine the freak out I went through - thank goodness it happened 4 weeks out...I could not imagine what I would have felt if I had to go out on stage with that crazy eye!  So, of course I will blame Shelly ;)  but really, it was my own fault - I was so focused on just getting that weight up that instead of focusing on breathing, I held my breath to help get the weight lifted - NOT A GOOD IDEA!  I have since made sure to focus on my breathing with each lift and exercise - take note of this for yourself as well and save the busted eye vessel ;) 

So of course that was not the highlight of my week but I am happy to report that my eye does look much better one week later and is almost back to 100% normal looking with only a little red remaining.  The highlight of my week you ask though?  I came across the paper that Shelly had given me back in November that had my measurements from boot camp...weight, body fat, and the tape measurements of my waist and thigh...Boy was that a shocker to look at - and of course compare to where I am now!! 

November #'s:
Body Fat - 28.3% Weight - 151.8 Waist - 35.5 Thigh - 25.75

Current #'s:
Body Fat - 18% Weight - 129 Waist - 30 Thigh - 20

HOLY CRAPOLA!!  5 inches on both waist and thigh!! 

I can't believe it and I am living it - I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever get my body back, I look in the mirror and I (as with anyone else) still see the flaws in my body but then I look at the pictures and WOW! 

I have to say I can never say THANK YOU enough to Shelly!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  With out her guidance, I would not be living this now, her teaching me the proper way to eat, working with me in the gym, her yelling at me (in a good way) and her positive reinforcement have gotten me to the weight and life change that I have attained today.  With her and the support of my family, we all are much fitter and happier which will lead to us being healthier and living a much  better life.  Thank you Shelly from the bottom of my heart, you are an amazing trainer, mentor, friend and mom and I am better for meeting you and having you in my life. 

For those of you who don't remember what I looked like (I am in shock looking too) here is me before and now:


This is why I can't stress to you enough....take those before pictures - You won't believe the difference in yourself either.  Diet and Exercise - Dedication and Perseverance together equal results!   80% diet, 20% exercise - you may think that the numbers are a little skewed but really what you take into your body as nourishment really does reflect in how your body looks...I really am eating more food today looking like this then I did then looking like that!  I know hard to believe but with the right diet, the right portion sizing and little cheats it is attainable! Giving birth to 7 children (3 of my own and two twin surrogacies) I really never dreamed I would look this good in a bikini!  So think before you put that food in your mouth is this good or is this bad....and if it's bad, don't eat it - or if you do, keep in control - small changes to begin with does result in big results - it takes time to put the weight on and it takes time to get the weight back off but it can and does happen - look again above if you don't believe it...set your goals, work out a plan and stick to it!  Don't make it unrealistic, keep it real and you will succeed!

So I leave you today with this Quote of the Post:

In life, there really is no competition, only the opportunity to out do yourself and your wildest dreams.
-- Unknown

Have  your wildest dreams come true too....I have!


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  1. I'm so proud of you Crystal! You are an amazing person and you have inspired me so much! I wish you the best of luck! Go Crystal! You can do it!!! You look amazing!