Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Program

Yes, we are four days into my February program and so far it is going well.  I have more food each day - but yes, it means more exercising as well.  Those of you who have been following me know that I adore my trainer Shelly she knows her stuff, she has me on the right track and I can feel that I am making progress (most of the time).  When she first told me that I would be working out 5 days a week with two rest days I was pretty stoked, weekends off - till she said they could not be back to back days.  OK, well I then thought very little about what days I would be taking off, it was easy - Thursday and Sunday...why might you ask those two days?  Well, there was a time (just a few weeks ago) that I really detested Thursday, I don't know what it was about it - I mean it's Friday eve it should be a great day right?  But it never failed, it was always the worst morning for everyone - no one wanted to get up and we were all just a little slower to get moving and it lasted through the day.  And Sunday, well again that was simple we have Sunday school and church and being a Cub Scout den leader for Jonathan Sunday is when we have our big Pack meeting so rather than try and squeeze the gym in there it was just logical to have Sunday off.  With that being said, Thursday has now become my most favorite day!  I work out hard Mon/Tues/Wed twice a day cardio and weight training - so hard that by the time Thursday comes I relish in the thought that it is my day and I don't have to go to the gym (I do have to admit the first couple of weeks in January I felt guilty taking this day off during the week).  I get up with the kids, get them off to school and then volunteer in both boys' classes.  I then have a few hours to myself that I can do what I want - take a nap, get my toes done, have a massage - most of the time it is take a nap which I have recently found myself doing...A LOT!  But rest is what I need, it is when my body can actually catch up with what I am putting it through.  It can heal those muscles that are achy (and boy do they ache)...the days of feeling guilty for taking a day off is behind me and I feel better about it.  I am seeing results and am excited - people are noticing and it makes me feel great!  Andy is pretty happy about it too, and while the kids still are unsure about just why I am doing this all it brings a nice smile to my face and I can't help but know that because I met and built a friendship with this amazing woman (Shelly) I am a better person.  My wish for you is that you have someone in your life that inspires you to be better - it can be someone you know personally (a neighbor, friend or family member) or someone not so close to you (a movie star, co-worker from another department etc.) it's an amazing feeling and making the right choices is what we all strive for anyway right?

So, 5 weeks just about done in training and our posing classes now begin in the evening this week.  I am excited as I have finally decided on a suit color (below) and my shoes came in for me to start practice walking in - and yes, I will need to practice as they are 5 inches high - but I LOVE THEM and they are actually super comfortable!  But while it's scary to think that I am going to need to stand in these shoes (also below) for hours at a time and walk around a stage in front of who knows how many people praying that I don't trip and fall on my face...not because that wouldn't be embarrassing all on it's own but rather, I am terrified knowing that I will have that tiny little suit on barely covering my rear (which should be rock solid by then - God if it's not I'm not getting up there) even with the bikini byte, if I were to fall, I am pretty sure I would fall out of that suit and that is worse! 

Emerald Green :)

Posing Shoes

All in all though I am still very excited about this adventure that I have embarked on...changing my workout schedule (I really should say just getting one), eating healthier (today's lunch of champions on the go - cold chicken breast, 1/2 cup cold brown rice and 1 cup cold green beans...mmm, mmm good!), pushing myself further than I ever have before and overall feeling better about myself - how are your exercise goals going?  Are you happy with what you have done for the first month of the year?  Are you strong enough to continue?  Don't let anyone tell you you can't, I am here to tell you YES YOU CAN!  Keep it up and if you find yourself starting to backslide - find someone who has the same goals as you do and be each other's rock - call that person, talk to that person and go work out with that person!  I posted before wise words from Shelly - SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO DO WHAT YOU DO/WANT WHAT YOU WANT. Just one key to your success!

I've rambled enough, I've got to help the kids with homework so I leave you today with this

Quote of the Post:

What you eat is 80% responsible for what you look like. IF you have the proper foods to eat, you will eat them. Make your nutrition plan fool-proof by making sure you have what you need either ready now, or within 5-10 minutes from plate to face. 
 - Shelly

So if you are what you eat....does that mean I am now a bird?  All I eat is Chicken, Turkey and Egg Whites :)  LOL - And yeas, I do have it prepped and with me on the go everyday!  You can do it too!


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  1. You are going to look SOOOO amazing in that emerald green suit!!!