Sunday, February 6, 2011

A good problem to have :)

What could possibly be a good problem to have?  If you are a woman I think that you will agree with me on this one....

I was browsing the clearance racks a few weeks ago and found some really cute tops and this nice long denim skirt - it was a size 4...well, maybe I'll be able to fit into it as I get closer to the competition date I think to myself, so I get it.  Fast forward to this morning, I am getting ready to go teach Sunday School and need to figure out something to wear that I will be comfortable in as we are going to be gone just about the whole day...I put on the skirt thinking that it may be a little snug but it's denim so it'll stretch and I'll be OK - not the case (and here is where it is a good problem to have) the skirt is big and I have to put on a belt!!  WOO! HOO!

So, Autumn is making her Confirmation this coming Wednesday and I now need to find something to wear as all my church clothes are too big and really don't look good...we have about an hour between things today and to spend the time we go to the BX (the second largest in the pacific) and resign myself to actually trying the items on before buying this time - something that I really do not enjoy doing, squeezing into those little dressing rooms then having to walk out of them into the store where everyone can see you to gt the opinion of whom ever it is shopping with you - today my husband and three kids (although we sent them to the toys to distract for a little bit of time)  I pick out two outfits...a dress and a skirt and top.  The dress is from the misses department size 4 and the skirt is from the juniors department a size 5.  I keep thinking to myself 'are these really going to fit me?'....'surely there is no way'...'but they are going to have to everything else I have at home is big'  I try them on and they both fit beautifully!  HOLY SMOKES!  Now to decide which one I want, they both look good and while Hubby says to take them both, I decide on just the skirt and top - I mean I can break them up and mix and match with other things so it's more than one outfit in the one purchase right?! 

I've been noticing that my clothes are feeling different even though I haven't had a change in the scale weight (boo for that - but my pinch on Friday did have my body fat percentage down one more percent!) and it's been really nice to run into friends/acquaintances that I haven't seen in a while and have them tell me that I am looking great....over all I really am down quite a bit and am getting excited for our next photo shoot at the end of February (OMG Did I really just say I am excited about it?! - who would have thought that I would be excited about donning a bikini.)  but I am.  I actually put it on the other day and thought to myself wow, I might actually wear a bikini this summer to the beach - gasp! Then I tried on my trainers old competition suit and thought to myself 'I am such a whale!'  I do have a way to go before the suit I just put my deposit on will actually look good on me.  But as Yoda says 'Do or Do not...There is no try' so I'm going Nike and saying 'Just do it!' 

Back to Friday night and the weigh in...yes, my weight was the same as last week (boo) but when I take into consideration the three strikes I had against me it really was a good weigh in and the fact that my % was down was a bonus...but my three strikes you ask?
1. 6:30 pm weigh in (yes all day eating and drinking)
2. water retention (uughh!)
3. More food - yes, I had more food given to me for the month
So yes, I do have to say that it was a good weigh if I could only say the same for my posing....That is another thing that I need work on - remembering to keep my elbows pointing to my friends on the sides of me and to keep my arms level - that is my task...oh and remembering to keep all my muscles tightened while relaxing my head that has to be with the chin out but in a natural way all the while holding a smile and remembering to breath walking or standing in the 5 inch heels and trying not to fall and to look sexy but not slutty in the walk and to remember to face the judges and relax my arms on the quarter turns and to get back into position quickly after the turn and to have a strong arm when you say 'thank you' at the end in a curtsy.  WHEW....I'm exhausted just even thinking about it again...thank goodness I have 16 weeks to perfect it. 

Today was a rest day (although with all the running around I can't say that I actually rested) tomorrow back to the grind stone - starting with spin at 5:15 (yes a.m.) 

Hope that your weekend is a great one....Today's quote of the post in honor of a great President Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan:

'There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination, and wonder'

Get your workout schedule together today - and get out there and do it!  I know you can!

And one extra that I say in the paper today for my dear friend Shana -

"Healing begins with the strong arms of support" - we are all here for you, don't for get to lean on us!  We love you and the kids. RIP Michael "Pipes" Passaro

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