Monday, February 21, 2011

Are you getting your UMPH on?!

Quote of the Post:

‎"The difference between try and triumph is just a little UMPH.".......Oxygen Magazine

I know I don't normally start the posting with a quote, I save it for the end....but this one was one I had to start off with!  Are you getting your UMPH on?  Don't just try...TRIUMPH!!!  Tell me what you did today to keep your dream alive - be it weight loss, gaining muscle mass, eating healthier or what ever it is that you have set as a goal now. 

Today I got up at 4:30 - Yes, that is AM and I had to leave the warm arms of my hubby who just got home a couple days ago.  I then grabbed my gym bag and headed to 5:15 spin.  I haven't gone on a Tuesday before and it was only because there were no classes yesterday (President's day) so I had to get my Am cardio session wasn't till I walked out of spin to hit my weight training that I realized today's muscle groups - Legs and Bi's!  YIKES!  I just gave my legs a hard workout in spin (this instructor was actually really good today - I may have to re-evaluate my morning cardio sessions and trade Wednesday for was that much better!) 

Oh well, Crystal suck it up and get it going...So this is what I did today and boy did I put my UMPH on!

45 Min spin class
Leg extensions 3 sets 20 with 50lbs weight on machine super set with
15 plie squats holding a 30lb bar under my chin
Hack squats - with 20 lbs added to machine 3 set od 15 super set with
20 squat jumps
Forward Alternating lunges 3 sets of 20 super set with
12 straight bar cable bicep curls - 27.5 lbs plus the extra weight plate so I think it totals 30?
Finished it off with seated dumbbell concentrated bicep curls...3 sets of 12 for each arm - 15's

So 2 hours of leg torture - did you add up the squats I did 3 different types totaled 150!  Yes, my legs are feeling the burn!  But you know what...I am planning on being back at spin tomorrow am 5:15 again!

Hope you are keeping up with the challenge you gave yourself.....I know you can do it!  Set your mind to it, write it down, tell someone about it (hold yourself accountable) and you will succeed....yes, you will have a bad day but again make it just that one day and get back into it...or better yet, make it just one bad half a day or hour....You are your own fitness guru - but there is plenty of help out there, ask for it!


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