Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I don't think I give my trainer Shelly enough praise so here I am doing it again....MY TRAINER ROCKS!!!  This is what I posted to her FB page this morning:

SO EXCITED THIS MORNING!!!! Got on the scale for the first time this week .....dun, dun, dun, dun, da......134.6!! Now just so see what your scale says Friday :) No doubt you are the bomb!!! ♥ ya!

She responded:

Crystal, it's YOUR dedication to the diet.... ur busting a**! Great job ;)

It may be my dedication to the diet and workout....but it is HER PROGRAM that is getting me to these stellar numbers!  I can't wait to see what my body fat percentage is tomorrow. 

 Love your yourself!

I hope that you all are keeping up with your workouts...if not hit me up and tell me why!  I am willing to hold each of you as accountable as you are holding me! 

Today's Quote of the Post:
"Exercise truly does keep you looking young.  It's one of the best antiagers out there - and it's free!" Jennifer Kivett in Bright Ideas - February Fitness Magazine



  1. I am the queen of excuses... I can't go to the gym b/c JB is gone 18 hours a day and I can't find day care & the co-op is full, I can't afford a gym membership to the place that has daycare, the YMCA is too far away, I can't do the video because it hurts my knee to do it on carpet where the tv is...The good news is I now see these as just selfish & lazy excuses. I also upped my activity level this week- we are now the proud owners of an exceptionally adorable (and active) puppy! Keep up the good work and thanks for lighting the coals under my butt ;)

  2. That is AWESOME!!!! Seriously!!! Good for you! :) :) :) :) Keep up the good work!