Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Wow, has it really been a week since I posted?!  I can't believe that it went so fast - boy was it a busy one too! Not to mention exhausting ;)

As you all know Shelly gave me more food for the month of has been nice!...but it also has been torture ;)  I was happy though seeing the scale go back down at weigh ins on Friday though!  only one pound but if I went off of how my clothes are fitting, it's surely got to be more!  But back to that busy last week -

Monday - Spin 5:15 am, come home make sure kids are up and moving, make breakfast (4 different ones - Andy and I have oatmeal and egg whites, Autumn a toaster strudel and milk, Jonathan Fruity Pebbles, and Dallas waffles).  Andy's out the door at 6:20, Autumn at 6:40 and the boys and I leave at 7:10 to get them to school...I then am back at the gym at 7:30 for my lifting session and some more cardio.  I then come home to clean, get laundry done and EAT!  (now mind you I took my yogurt and protein shake to the gym and ate them on my way home after lifting)  I was able to get in a small nap Monday before I went to get the boys from school at 1:30.  Back home to eat, get homework done and make dinner. 

Tuesday - Thank goodness I got to sleep in a bit but back at the gym after dropping the kids at school again so another early day - oh and it was a horrible week of weather too....I was very bummed as I was hoping to get out and have a good run around the neighborhood.  Pretty much the same thing for the rest of Tuesday as I did on Monday which leads us to Wednesday and such a beautiful day!

Wednesday - the weather was a bit better, I didn't make it to spin this morning, the alarm was failed to be set - purely by accident, I think anyway ;)  Today Autumn made her again a very busy day.  Weight training as soon as I dropped the boys off, come home get ready go get them at 1:30 race home to get dressed and changed, Autumn comes in the door at 2:20 and she has just enough time to change before we head out the door....her Confirmation was at Kadena Chapel 1 which is about 20 minutes from us and she had to be there for a meeting with the Bishop at 3:15.  I get her dropped off and come back home to get the rest of the Family (Andy had gotten off early today to help out and be there YAY!) we all get loaded back up and head back to Kadena and the ceremony.  It was BEAUTIFUL and we are so very proud of our beautiful girl, and how she is growing up! 

Thursday as I've mentioned to you is my day off, although really what it is is just a day away from the gym as I catch up from everything else and help in the boys classrooms.  It really is nice to be able to see the kids at school and help them when I can. 

Friday was again a very early morning with spin at 5:15 - I really try not to go to spin on Friday's as it is such a long day for me being as we bowl in a league that night.  We were supposed to have a field trip for the kindergartners but it didn't happen, the rain was horrible all night and it caused a danger risk to go Mikan (Japanese Tangerine) picking with the little ones in the mud and up hills.  So that instead opened me up to go get my lab work done, work out early again and go to posing which was early today.  So spin, blood draw, weight training, and posing - I was a little sore (actually that is an understatement but you get it)  made it to get the boys from school and then got to come home to a clean house - Thank goodness it was Mammisan week!  I get the kids settled, get dinner ready and we again head out the door to bowl...I don't get in bed till about 10:30 this night and I have an early morning again for weight training Saturday!

Here is what I am working on when I am in those posing classes - these were taken a couple weeks ago....



Saturday - I hit the gym at 6 - Lester is open 24 hours so it was really nice to get over there and not have anyone there...only one person and it happened to be a gal pal of mine so I was able to chat with her for a bit while I warmed up then slam through my leg workout....finished that up with an additional 20 minutes on the step mill (told you guys about that devil of a machine ;) )  got home in time to have the boys friends picked up at 8 and then helped Andy get the fence put up in the back yard finally :)  Needless to say by the time that was all done I was beat, but I couldn't relax yet, I still needed to help Jonathan back a cake for the Cub Scout Pack meeting we had on Sunday, buy two birthday gifts for parties and get Andy to pack!  No rest for the weary as they say!

Sunday - are you tired yet???  Another rest day (from the gym)  We've got Sunday school, two birthday parties, a pack meeting and Andy is leaving to a conference this morning.  No problem I can handle this!  Well, for the most part.  Got Sunday school done, finished helping Jonathan ice his cake (4 layer Chocolate Cake with chocolate icing - which by the way won him the prize for 'biggest' cake!)  things were looking good, Andy left at the same time to drive himself down to the airport (sorry honey) we get Sunday school done and then back home to load up the gifts, make a dish to take to the pack meeting and we'll be home free....ya, not so much.  The boys head start spinning, they have gone crazy I am convinced.  So being as they could not behave for anything, I told them we would not be going to any birthday parties till they could 'figure it out' didn't happen and I instead apologized to the Mom's for our absence and will see them at some point to hand off the gifts.  They did finally calm enough to go to the Pack meeting which I was ready to cancel as well but being as I'm a leader it would have been a little tougher. 

So all in all,  the week was super busy and I was ready for it to be over....hoping for a better week this week!

It's Valentine's Monday and I made it to spin with my Valentine - my trainer (she had some of that 4 layer chocolate cake yesterday and so had to get herself some cardio in! - she said it was yummy...I wouldn't know as it took ALL my strength and obedience not to even lick the spoon!) I did ask her though if it would have constituted cheating if I had...she replied to me with a smile - so I guess that means it would have been a cheat.  I was very proud of myself though not eating it OR any of the potluck dishes that were at the Pack meeting....I was very good with my Egg White Pancake smothered with a Protein paste (Caramel Toffee Fudge) and 3/4 cup strawberries...yes, I got strange looks but that's alright - I will so look better on the beach this summer than they will! hehehe!!!

So now I ask you - will you be caving into the weakness this Valentine's Day, or will you be strong and proud?!  I hope that you are strong and proud!  If not, remind yourself that it is OK to have a bad day - get back on it as soon as you can and make sure that it is only one day...or better yet, just one meal/cheat that you do! 

Stay strong my friends and you too will be happier because of it!

Today's Quote of the post:
"Reason #69 to lose weight and get in shape..... makes Valentines Day, even after 15 yrs, the BEST EVER ♥" Shelly Howard

Enjoy your day - Hug and Kiss on all your loved ones (family, friends, significant other) - you never know how much time you really have with them!  Happy Valentine's Day my friends


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