Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teens and Top 10...I needed a good week!

Hi all!

First and foremost...THANK YOU to each of you who have helped support me in my Face of Fitness's not over yet,voting continues till 3/20 at 11:59PM CT so please keep them coming in!

Now for my week...In the Magazine competition I started out at 36 and have moved to # 10 with the help of you of course!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  This is the first round of the reader's choice contest - if I win this it takes me into the next round of reader's choice which will once again be voting online April 27th - May 5th so I will let you know if I made that round :)  This has been such an exciting week with this contest!  Makes my time in the gym even more enjoyable - and that is good as I am in the middle of the training and getting over that hump has been a bit crazy...but I am there and now have 78 days till Show Day!!

This week in the gym paid off for me too, down 2 pounds and my body fat is in the teens!!!   WOO!! HOO!!  I rocked my diet hard this week and Shelly (my trainer) pushed me even harder with lots of drop sets - my arms are looking good, I'm happy with them but still working hard on my abs (uugghh!) and my thighs and buttocks - the dreaded saddle bags that we women seem to have the most difficult shedding.  But I was excited when she pinched and I had lost 2mm off from last weeks pinch (she pinched me early last week since I had crashed hard on my diet :( but thankfully the weight and bf had not changed)   So, each day that goes by brings me that much closer to the show and my anxiety goes up just that much more...anyone have some valium they can share with me for the day of the show ;)

So posing this week took me into my bikini that I have been using for the progression pics...because I made my final payment on my suit and we have been warned that once we get our suit in we are to be posing in it...YIKES!  But I really guess that is good so that we can build our confidence right?  SO, last night was interesting but fun to see how the muscles will actually look to the judges. Now, I just need to get a tan to cover some stretch marks and I am sure that I will feel even better :)  Need to make an appointment to spray tan. Thank goodness there is a lady on island that does that. Get Tanfastic :)

Now it's Sunday and that means I have to cook for the week...prepping my food has been a priority lately as it seems that is where I am constantly spending my time (after of course the gym)  Eating every 2 hours is time consuming but again seeing the results is crazy (especially - and I know I've said this before - I am eating more than ever!)  Here is a great blog about food and prep for training ;) from Jen Fit she is another great place to find recipes on FB - Recipes for Gals in Figure

Hope you all are keeping up with your plan!

Today's quote of the post:

"We all are a work in progress. We're never really "there". Here's to each and every one of us GALS (and GUYS) striving to be lean, mean, strong, healthy, clean-eating machines!!"  - Jenny Grothe (Jen Fit)

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