Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contests & Pet Peeves

Now that's a title huh?  But that's what today's post is about....cover contests and what is bothering me most these days :)

Thank you, Thank you Thank you!!! I finished out #9 in the Fitness Magazine Readers Choice this past week and that was just amazing!  I really could not have gotten there without each of you and I am humbled by the support you all gave!  Seeing everyone re-post the link and watching those votes grow was just surreal.....I really do have some amazing friends and family and being blessed this way makes me a winner no matter what!  But, it really was a great experience and so when one of my fellow Oki Bombs suggested I enter the Venture Fitness Mom Cover contest I had that glimmer of hope raise once again.  I gave myself a couple days to think about it and finally decided this afternoon - I was going to do it!  So, I just finished by submission with before (gulp) and after pictures of me and my story.  We'll see what happens this time around....I will be sure to let you know as soon as I do :)

So that then leads me to my pet peeves...it seems as though I am bothered by things a bit easier these days - I'm tired, I'm carb deprived, and yes it leaves me a little short fused (OK a lot short fused) - so much so that I had decided that I was going to give up yelling at my kids for lent - that hasn't quite worked out so I let up on myself a bit and decided that I will instead not curse at them....which has still been tough (damn it is my fav and used alot) I bite my tongue so often, I'm surprised I don't have permanant teeth marks in it!  But really what is my biggest pet peeve right now - the gym parking lot!  I mean seriously people!  You are going to the gym for goodness sakes - is it really going to kill you NOT to park a few rows back?!

I hit the gym early on Monday and Wednesday mornings for spin class (5:15am) and it is a very busy time; everyone is trying to get their work out in before work I understand that. I normally try and avoid the busy times but I have to get cardio in first thing two days a week on an empty stomach and this is the only cardio class available....yes, I could do it at home but then I fall into that ADD rut...oh I forgot my water let me go into the kitchen and get it, oh who left these dishes in the sink last night, I'll quickly wash them.  Oh let me start a load of laundry while I work out, go back and do work out....look down at floor ACK when was the last time I vacuumed?  I'll quickly do that....oh man I gotta pee again, go to bathroom kids start to wake up, get them breakfast, clean up kitchen again....well, you get it I just can't focus on a good work out so I hit the gym.    It drives me crazy that when I get to the gym though there are so many people driving around the parking lot looking for a space in the first and second row...you are at the gym right?  You did come to work out right?  Why not get a bit of your warm up walking from the back of the parking lot?  Oh it's raining?! YOU ARE IN OKINAWA!!!  IT RAINS ALL THE TIME!!!  And as much as I like to think I'm made of sugar - I now am absolutely sure that I won't melt in the sprinkle coming down. 

I'm at the gym the other morning, it's cold, I park my car in the third row (I now park in the third row normally as I was forgetting where I would park sometimes especially when I had already been to the gym earlier in the day)  I get out of my car, lock it up, throw my bag over my shoulder and head to the door...I now of course have to go through the two rows of cars in front of me - I look before I cross as any one would do for safety...no cars, I'm good to go (now mind you 5:00 in the morning it is still dark so I would see headlights) I step out of the second row to get to the sidewalk in front of the first row and HOLY CRAP WHERE DID THAT CAR COME FROM?! The thing came flying around the corner not paying attention to me what so ever but intent on grabbing that space of the car that just pulled out of the first row...had I just ran/jumped out of the way, I would have been in trouble.  Now, I'm all for getting my blood pumping that early in the morning but not from almost being ran over.  Not a great way to start the morning...thank goodness it wasn't raining that morning and for my guardian angel as if I didn't have both of those going for me that day it would have turned out much differently. 

But, it's not just  Gunner's Gym at 5am, it is any time at any gym....why is it that everyone always wants to park so close to the front door?  I know I said it already but if your coming to work out, it really won't kill you to walk the few extra steps - and you may save time from going around in circles looking for that close spot.  We have really become a species of convenience and being closer makes it more convenient I guess.  It really truly baffles me and irks me to no end! 

Park a bit further, enjoy the fresh air and get that little bit of an extra workout...I promise it won't kill you!

And with that I will leave you with today's Quote of the Post:
“Will you succeed, yes you will indeed, 98 and 3/4 guaranteed.” ~ Dr. Seuss


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  1. I am giggling right now- when I used to go to the gym there I thought the same thing- people would speed around the corner to get those few choice spots in the front, so silly~