Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 weeks and I can see the light - literally and figuratively

YES - We are only 10 weeks away folks!  YIKES!!!  I am really (as if I wasn't before) Scared and excited!  I have an amazing coach (Shelly does Rock!) and I have complete faith in her antics that she has me this week no cardio!  It was so nice not having to get up at 4:30 this morning to go to the 5:15 spin (although I do have to say I woke up in a slight panic at 5:00 thinking I was missing something this early Monday morning - then I remembered I could roll back over and go to sleep for another hour!) it was nice getting that extra bit of sleep!  But, with me on the same diet this week and no cardio I am scared what Mr. Scale is going to tell me come Friday - I was up a pound last week (UUGGHH! I know - but I am chalking that up to the ever so wonderful monthly womanly thing that visits us)  Maybe just maybe I'll maintain and if not I am going to work my darnedest on not freaking out Friday - just so long as the pinch is good I'll be good right!  RIGHT!! 

And I am pretty sure that the pinch will go down again - at least it better with the weight training I've been doing!  I was 19 last pinch and I can't wait to have that lowered even more.  It really is exciting to hear her tell me that I have lost mm on my leg. arm or torso (the three spots she pinches) and then to have them added up and the percentage figured out - motivational to get me to keep going!  Which is about everything I need right now. Which is why I needed to take pictures at posing class on Friday - that and someone asked for them ;)  and here is where I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!  I am posing one from February that I took as well where I was happy with how things were going - till I compared them to what I just took Friday - Shelly told us we would see the light and wow...what a difference!  What light am I talking about?  Look at the amount of light that is now between my thighs!  Yes ladies, we are supposed to have a space there!  We are not supposed to have our thighs rubbing against each other....isn't it crazy!

February Front Pose

February Back Pose

February Side Pose

March Front Pose

March Side Pose
March Back Pose

Seeing these differences side by side helps me to stay focused...thus the importance of your before and after pictures - I've told you all before to take them...and I hope that you have or will now The February photos were taken and the very beginning of the month and the March one's now at the end so it is just about 8 weeks difference again and  while I knew there was a difference, I hadn't realized how much till I compared the photos!  So I sit here writing this up - looking at magazines to give me more tips and trying to find just the right quote for today to get everyone jazzed....and I do believe that it has to be this one:

Today's Quote of the Post:
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

It really is all about you - You are the only one who can take control of YOU, make YOU do what needs to be done to get YOU in shape.  Make it about YOU - be selfish in this one part of your life and YOU will be able to thank yourself for it and fell better to be better in other parts of your life. Do what YOU can, with what YOU have - it's all inside of you if you take the risk...what's stopping you?


Oh I almost forgot!  My suit is completed...I'm waiting for it to get here - but I am so excited!!! This is what it looks like!


  1. Wow girlie, you look AMAZING!!!! I am learning all kinds of good things from you (arm PIT) (non-rubbing thighs) :) Can't wait to see what else you can teach me, hopefully I am being a good student, I am taking notes. I LOVE your suit- you are going to look fab-o in it.

  2. You look sooooo good!!!! Seriously!! AMAZING!! The light.. the bootie... wow!! Goooooo Crystal!!

    :) xoxoxox