Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Determination = Satisfaction

"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction." -George Lorimer

Yes, again I am starting off the post, rather than ending it, with today's Quote of the Post....it's just that kind of day!

I got my suit in yesterday and while I LOVE IT!!!  I have to tell you I do NOT love the way I look in it...YET!  Which is why this quote fits so well....I am now getting up every morning with determination that I am going to do everything I can to get into that suit on June 5th and be satisfied knowing that I did everything I could possibly do to get me there.

First thing - stop the cheating....I have been a little lax in my diet knowing that this was my last month to 'cheat' (GASP!) but NO MORE!  I am going hardcore - nothing extra, only what is on my written diet AND I am setting my timer to go off every 3 hours to eat...no matter where I am I will be eating every 3 hours - I really need a cute cooler to carry my food around, one that looks good but is still practical and not huge to carry around...it's so hard to find one on the island. 

I know that eating on the schedule won't be hard as I really do look forward to each and every morsel that goes into my mouth these days....I am a little embarrassed to admit it but I have become a 'lick your plate clean' kind of gal.  Seriously!  I am so hungry that I don't want any portion of what I am allowed to eat to go to waste so there I am sliding my finger in the yogurt container till it is wiped clean - so clean it almost doesn't need to be rinsed to go into the recycling bin...I am slurping the last of my dressing out of the bowl at the bottom of my salad and I find myself actually licking my plate of the chicken, turkey or fish juices at the end of my meal!  My thought - it's all fuel - I need it to keep going....I need it to finish leaning out....I need it to hold me over till my next meal.   

I am 67 days away from the competition, I have 49 days of training left (2 days rest each week - Thursday's and Sunday's), I will eat 469 meals (I eat 7 times a day) and drink 134 gallons of water (2 gallons a day).  I have 6% more body fat to lose and 8 pounds.  Thankfully I have an amazing trainer who I believe in completely and have the confidence that she will have me exactly where I am supposed to be come show day....I have literally worked my arse off and know that even if I don't 'win a trophy' that day - I am still a winner....I mean just take a look back at my pictures....the transformation that my body had made is still unbelievable...I am happy that I documented it with pictures - and I can assure you looking at those pictures, I will once again keep that quote in my head...I am determined to not go back to that and I will be satisfied by knowing that I will be doing what I can to ensure that I won't ever be there again.

I hope that you are keeping up your hard work as well....bathing suit season is almost upon us and I know that you all are going to feel better in your suits if you've kept up your workout as it doesn't matter if you lost 5 pounds or 50 - it all makes a difference!  So stand up tall, square those shoulders, puff out that chest (all that will even make you appear up to 5 pounds slimmer!) and be proud of what you have accomplished!    You are amazing!


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