Sunday, June 5, 2011


Yes, that is me!  Dark, full of make up and aqua net not going anywhere hairstyle (yes, they actually used Aqua net I couldn't believe it) Weighing in at a whopping 122 pounds and a mere 16.5% body fat....what a journey!  

I don't know where to begin, yesterday day was such a whirlwind.  My day started early 3:30am I was up and in the shower to be at the gym for my tanning, hair and make-up before the 10 am pre-judging.  I woke up excited and anxious...not too nervous and I couldn't wait to get things going.  I started my day with halibut and rice cakes with peanut butter for breakfast - a meal I was so excited to have  (yes, I officially pegged myself crazy a few weeks ago with my little joy of what meals make me happy!)  I got to the gym rearing to go and be sprayed, primped and curled as need be and what you see in the picture above was the end result. I have to say I knew that being in the gym locker room prepping for a big show all of us doing what we need to to get ready I was going to see some nakedness....can't say I could have prepared myself for all the nakedness I saw that morning! I must say if you are modest coming into this won't be by the end of it! 

With my make-up set, hair done and tan nice and dark (after a couple mishaps but hey it was my first time).  I race over to the theater with my photographer in tow and we get there just in time to get the competitor brief started...they had just called my name to see if I was present.  I get up on stage, check in and have my height verified.  They then have us all wait in the audience to hand out out numbers....starting with the short class (5'3" and under) I am in the tall class and as you can see in the number I get, most people would probably be upset they got 13 - not me!  I was so excite...13 is my lucky number!!  WOO HOO that is going to be great for me, I can feel it!  I am eating more rice cakes this time with peanut butter and jelly and Zoa Linsey (a super sweet trainer and professional body builder) made these super delicious brownies that she shared with everyone.  So far so good! 

We go back stage, and start pumping up, the air is filled with excitement, nervousness, anxiety and sweat!  It was of course a humid day and so we were all trying to stay cool in the one small room they had for us back stage - it was pretty entertaining.  The short class is called to line up and we all are trying to see what is going on, what are we supposed to do, how is it going to feel, where do we need to walk, do we follow the line that is taped on the floor or do we just walk out to where the number is?  So here we all are 22 figure gals looking without being seen from the back of the curtain....we see the first girl go out and are all thankful that it wasn't us walking across that stage first :)  After we see how a couple girls go - the tall class girls all go back into the room to finish 'pumping up.' So here we are in our little jeweled bikini's and 5 inch heels pulling on exercise bands, doing chair dips and push ups, bent-over rows, shoulder presses and calf raises to get the blood going to those muscles to ensure that they pop on stage....before we know it, it's our turn to line up and we get in numerical order...OMG I'm second to go out on stage!  OK well at least I have a moment to see what the other gal is going to do.  It's my turn, OH CRAP!!!  I take a deep breath, step over the crazy trip hazard they have right there at the curtain and smile my biggest smile ever, I can feel my teeth chattering, my head is gong 90 miles a minute and I am shaking like a leaf and just praying that I look cool calm and collected on the outside!  I get to my spot, get into my front pose.  I look each of the judges in the eye smiling my most charming smile and then I look at the audience...they call 'quarter turn'  I do my turn and I feel great!  'quarter turn' I look back to the judges give a smile and turn to show them my back.  'quarter turn' now the other side....I again smile at the judges and get into my side pose.  back to the front and they thank me...YAY, I did it!  I give my thank you curtsy and head back to my spot to wait while the rest of the other girls come out and have their opportunity to show their stuff.  After all us are on the stage, they call the group out to pose together...I am on the very end so I turn into them to ensure that they see me. I am nervous now.  I am holding each of my poses so strong and flexing so many muscles - all the while trying to stay relaxed looking and keep that smile on my face and yet just shaking from head to was hot on that stage and I was sweating but  MAN, I did feel good!  We finish our turns, then head back to the back line once again to be called up to have comparisons against some of the other gals, it was so far beyond my wildest imaginations and such a rush! 

Here is a video of me for the morning pre-judging that Andy took....I was happy to see that I didn't appear to look as nervous as I felt! I really was a mess inside my head :D

The hard part was over, the judging was done, I had a few free hours to go home and rest up before the night show.  I get home to prep my food for the afternoon - still have to look good on stage for the night show so no bad food yet....I check a bit of Face book and this is what Shelly posts to us:
Girls! So proud of you all! You were the most polished and poised group of ladies today... you didn't hear me yelling at you, b/c I didn't NEED TO!! You should all be very proud of yourselves, no matter where you place. The judging.... eh, it's  going to be very interesting.... HAVE FUN TONIGHT!

I feel good and am ready to head back to the gym to be touched up for hair and makeup once more and another fresh coat of paint...I mean tanning spray ;)  The night show was FUN...and boy was it a show!  It starts off with both countries National Anthems and all the contestants standing behind the curtain - once the anthems are completed the curtain opens to a completely sold out crowd...800 tickets!!!  It is standing room only, music is playing, the lights are glaring and we all are sparkling!!  I immediately smile down to the judges first and then scan the audience looking for my family and friends who came to support me.  I hear Andy whistle, Dallas is standing on his seat waving, Yliana is out there waving her hands and yelling, Terri is down in front taking pictures, Stacy is there doing the same, I see Leidys and Erica, I can hear Shelly but don't see her.  It's such an amazing feeling knowing everyone is out there, Laura, Ryan, Summer and Renee, John and Jody and Sarah too - I was flying high.  If I thought it was a rush before in the morning - it paled compared to this!  I LOVE IT!!!  Not because I'm like hey look at me I'm so hot...but rather Wow, I have come so far and no matter what happens with the judging, I am a winner!  I have all these people here supporting me, I have done everything I possibly could have done and then some AND I HAD AN AMAZING COACH AND TRAINER!!  I was on fire and no one could put me out!

We finish our little show and everyone rushes back stage to start pumping up once again to go through the same thing we did this morning...only thing different - after we go off stage as a group, they pull out the top 5 and have them go back out on stage.  The short class, is first up and they look great, I knew all the gals that placed and the one who took 4th was trained by Shelly as well.  In the Tall class we had another great time...I was so proud of us all - of those of us that Trained with Shelly, we took 2nd, 4th and 6th....The Oki Figure Bombs ROCKED that show!

So the question remains....will I do this again?  Before I stepped out on stage the answer was NO!  I really don't think so, I was not a happy person the past few weeks...and I was a down right beotch this past week...but after getting on stage and feeling that rush - I may just have to leave my options open ;)

It was an amazing experience, I had a ton of fun, was able to meet some great people and make my and my families lives better because of it.  I have gained friendships because of this journey that will last a lifetime and I have the joy and knowledge of knowing that I did what I said I would do....compete in a Figure Competition.  I have (I hope) taught my children a lesson that working hard at your dreams makes them achievable and once again even though the judges placed me 6th...I know in my heart that I am by far number one - and I'm not trying to be vain here but DAMN I LOOKED GOOD!

So I leave you with this Quote of the Post:
"The miracle isn't that I finished.........The miracle is that I had the courage to start!!!!!"
Stacy Canales (my wonderful photographer that followed me around for hours on end- I can't say thank you enough to you either)

I know you all can do it too....find the courage to start and know that I am rooting for you all the way!

End of the night...Me, Shelly - my Trainer and Shannon

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  1. ironically, i just found this website when I was looking for info on competitions because i am 6 weeks out. I see you did the PMC... im in okinawa also. lol. good job you looked great! have you competed since and are you still on island?