Friday, June 3, 2011

June 2....means:

My last official workout day, my hair cut & color appointment, my first spray tan appointment, day 3 of teeth whitening, a weigh in of 125.6 AND only 3 MORE DAYS!!!  Or rather, 3 more wake ups.....YIKES!!!

The next few days are filled with rest and necessary appointments as I mentioned before. I had my competitor meeting last night and that was interesting, got to see the other competitors and fill out our intro forms; got the lowdown on the order of the divisions and what we should be listening for to que us onstage ;).  Autumn also had her award ceremony and I am so proud to say that she was 1 of only 10 chosen out of 300+ students to earn the Excellence in Physical Education!  Yes, it is official we are a fitness family!!  WOO HOO!!!

So,  it all continues!

Today's Quote of the post: 
Just a few days out and this quote is perfect!
"Being proud of your body isn't a bad thing. You were inspired. This is your time to appreciate your own hard-earned efforts and inspire others along the way.
YOU are the judge of you. YOU know your intentions. YOU know your character."
-Jen Fit

Thank you all who have supported me thus far - and for believing in me to attain this goal...HUGS!

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