Friday, June 3, 2011

Saturday - the day before the BIG DAY

Tomorrow is the day and the nerves are here...I woke up today at 4 wide awake and just laying there...I did not have to be awake yet!  Boy I sure hope I can take a nap later!

Today I am pretty dark, I have already had two of my spray tan sessions....I have another today and then my final one tomorrow morning before the stage.  I have had my toes done (and messed up!) I have had my hair color touched up, and my hair flairs placed in...I am on par for tomorrow; at least I think I am ;) 

I am starting the major dehydration today...only 2 liters of water down from the 2 gallons I've been used to for quite a while was depressing this morning when I had to measure out the water from my allotted amount to make my oatmeal and I am going to be thirsty ;) but on a total side note....getting on the scale this morning I can't remember EVER being 123.6!!! I was unsure how it was going to happen but it has and holy smokes am I ever skinny!!! 

I am in the calm before the storm now, I have done all I can to be ready for tomorrow, my stomach is in knots but I am as ready as I ever will be....I will now go out there and do my best knowing I have my own personal cheering section here and far (Thank You Regina for the perfect card and everyone who has given me encouraging words!) today and tomorrow left of my hard dieting then count me in for cheesecake and ice cream after the show tomorrow night!  I have already asked Andy to get me Cheesecake Factory before he comes to the night show so I can eat it right away after the show is over...then we are going to stop at Big Dip on our way home to get me some Carmel macchiato ice cream!  That will be all of my gorging for the night though as I have a very early morning beach photo shoot Monday (5am) so I can't get myself too bloaty ;)

Monday though afterwards is a total different story - I have my day of eating planned....I've almost planned it as well as I have all my other meals this past months and I can't wait!  Then back on to the normal foods Tuesday keeping healthy and then building in the weekly treats to have a normal schedule and diet...I will be taking my own advice and using the acronym often...D.I.E.T. DO I eat this?  It has been a wonderful near year of learning how to eat better to get here...I will not allow myself to let all this hard work be lost.  I am looking forward to the next chapter and my sanity back here soon.

Today's Quote of the post:
"Continuous effort -- not strength or intelligence -- is the key to unlocking our potential."- Liane Cardes

 Continue with your efforts....they really are the key to attaining what you are reaching for!  Hugs!

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