Monday, June 13, 2011

Things that make you feel good

Hi all,

Yes, we all have something that makes us feel good - a bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day, a new protein recipe to try, your kids saying I love you, your significant other surprising you with a little gift...or something like this, a random note or two:

Dear Crystal, I do not know you personally, but I saw your presentation at the Pacific Muscle Classic. I admire how you've sculpted your body. You are lean and shredded and your poses are always natural and graceful. It’s so attractive when women are toned and fit, but yet look feminine! Your smile gives the illusion that you came to all that without effort, but we know that this perfect silhouette required a lot of perseverance. I do not want to have thousands of friends on FB, only women who really share my passion for fitness and bodybuilding. If you agree, add me as friend. So we can know us better and connect about our fitness goals.

or this:

It looks like you totally kicked ass at the competition, I am so proud of you!!!  How was it?  you looked great, unbelievable transformation - like the kind they make tv shows about.

It's been just over a week from the show, I am back on my water and have stopped the indulging of foods (and boy did I indulge!)  I weighed in the morning of the show at 122.8 and this morning I weighed in at 132....this is what I'm thinking will be my normal weight. 

But everyone seems to be asking what did you eat after the show....what was the first thing?  Let me tell you I was Miss Piggy and then some!  Started backstage at the night show - I made Pudding shots to share with the gals - I had three of them...then one of the other bombs made cheesecake...homemade cheesecake!  Banana Foster and cookie and cream - had about 10 bites of each YUMMY!!!  leaving the show, I was so thirsty, (I had been dehydrating myself so had not had any water since 3 pm Saturday) we had to stop at the little store on base and get me one of their large water bottles 1.8L or .4 gallon - it was gone before we got home which was only about 20 minutes!  The kids were hungry so we drove through burger king and I caved to onion rings ;). 

Then the crazyness really starts, we have a local bakery here (Castle Bakery) has super yummy desserts...I had ordered 4 cream puffs - these are not you little cream puffs that you would get from Costco now folks...these are real cream puffs that are about the size of my hand!  I had 4 of those over Monday and Tuesday I also had 4 eclairs (these are so delectable they are beyond words to explain just how much)  I also had one of their tiramisu's, a slice of chocolate hazelnut cake and a slice of their strawberry cake (now these are actually small slices so not too bad there)  I had french toast for breakfast on Monday at Cafe Casa and a super yummy Almond Mocha coffee - that also came with a side of eggs and bacon.  Lunch was pizza from pizza hut and dinner was Subway.  Tuesday I had beni-imo tarts, pineapple tarts and banana chocolate tarts...I also had Sushi for lunch then we had our end of the year kick off summer den meeting at which I had meatballs, rice crispy treats, and this melt in your mouth peanut butter cream pie!  I took some of that pie home and had more after dinner which was a real hamburger grilled and on a bun - had a side of baked beans and some potato chips and I was fat and happy!  Needless to say, by the time I went to bed Tuesday night, I was feeling a bit sick - that last piece of the peanut butter pie pushed me over the top.

Wednesday started me back on the good food diet and I also was back into the gym and boy it felt good!  3 days last week and a rest on the weekend had me feeling good to start back up this week - had a great arms and abs work-out yesterday and today I did chest and shoulders...yes, I will be feeling the burn the next few days!

I feel great, I accomplished what I set out to do and I found a new passion in life....while I'm not competing in the next competition here on Island, I do believe that I have the bug and will be competing again in the future...while it was a lot of hard work, and the dieting sucked sometimes, the feeling I had on stage is still with me and I can't wait to do it again!

Keep up with your goals, one day at a time is how you reach can do it I believe in you!  and others do too...they may not always tell you or it may be given to you in a subtle note or message or you may just get that crazy little message that will make your day....You are a star in your life - and what you make of your life is what makes you that star. 

Today's Quote of the post:
It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you want - Author Unknown

Don't give will happen - just look at how far I've come and if you think you can't...remember I believe in you!

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