Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomorrow's the day

Wow, what a fast 5 weeks....yes, it was 5 weeks ago that I had said I would be doing this Okinawa show...on the condition that I looked OK when my trainer had returned from her own show...I then just bit the bullet one week later and filled out the registration form and paid my fee to be a competitor (YIKES) was I going to be able to drop the weight like I would like to???  I was on track and it seems like yes, things were going to be great...then the typhoon hit - and put me back UGH!  My saving grace??? getting my suit in and trying it on!  What an eye opener that was...OMG, do I really look like that?! I was a bit discouraged but not wiling to give up....a week later, I looked much better in it!  I haven't put it back on yet to see the difference now a few days later but I feel much better! 

I was this same time last competition 123.6 pounds...this morning I was 133.6 pounds so by scale standards 10 pounds heavier...but take into consideration the added assets and so that is less approx 5 pounds so technically I am only 5 pounds heavier...with me only deciding to have done this show for sure 4 weeks ago, I think that is pretty darn good!  Putting my shoes on and posing in the mirror, my body looks (I think) pretty good....could it be better?  of course it can! But, for what I have been able to do in the time that I have done it - I am just to make the judges happy :D

I'm resting now, feet are up and movies are rented, I will have my next meal here in a bit and maybe take a nap - it's all out of my hands now.  All I can do is stick to the diet for the next 25 hours and that should be a piece of cake...afterwards I'll be able to actually have that cake too ;)

I was thinking the other day how far I have come in the past few is amazing....I plan on posting soon a timeline with photos of my progression starting 5 years ago when I really had looked at pictures of my family at Christmas, it was horrid - I knew we had to start making changes but wasn't too sure just what those changes were; I will then progress through the years up to my most amazing transformation this past year - it really is amazing, and the best part?  knowing that my children now have a better understanding of  just how much their food plays in their lives.  I can't wait to share my journey with you...I'm hoping that if you all see the difference you will be even more inspired to stick with or make your change!

Today's Quote of the Post:
"No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training… what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates

It truly is a disgrace not to see this....transformation of the body through physical training no matter how big or small is an amazing and beautiful thing!  You can't get to the leaps and bounds until you can master the baby steps (my own little two cents **smiles**)


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  1. Hello, Ms. Crystal!

    Your motivation for a healthier lifestyle is very inspirational. It was no joke when I told you that I started “working out” after talking to you about your fitness goals and egg whites at work.

    Sometimes, I need that little push and confidence, because after failing many times due to laziness and excuses, I just gave up the healthier lifestyle altogether. As proof, you’d probably see me hit up Starbucks every other day. (Bad!)

    That day when you talked me literally “moved” me in the right direction. I dragged myself to the gym to whip my booty into shape. Although I’m nowhere near your fitness level, I’m so happy that you became a motivation to me.

    I’ve become more aware of my body’s needs.

    I should have done this a long time ago, but I didn’t realize that blogspot allowed non-users to post comments.

    Stay awesome as you are! :D

    Cheers from an inspired fan,