Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Only a few more days!

Wow, I can't believe that I haven't blogged for more than two weeks!

Things have been a bit crazy though...we had a huge Typhoon come through the island and it had us locked in for 3 days!!!  Let me tell you, three days with three kids, three dogs, two cats, a bird (a typhoon refugee) and a husband added to a dieting and training Mom/Wife is NOT a good combination!  SO needless to say, the stress got on me and while I did prep a ton of food, it was hard to not fall into temptation with the kids and hubby around snacking and well really not much else to do but eat, sit around and watch movies or play games....I gained 7 pounds in those three days!!!  ACK!  But, I was determined once we received the all clear on Sunday to get rid of the typhoon yuck and by Wednesday was back down to what I started at on Thursday!! YAY ME!!

But, that still put me back in my plan of attack for this I kicked up the diet and cardio ALOT!  I am still a bit over what I would like to be but I think with the dehydration over the next few days, I may just be alright.  I do know that from when I received my suit initially to how I look in it now a few days later is a BIG! difference so that makes me feel really good.  I LOVE my new suit too!!  I ordered this time around from Vizion Wear turns out this guy is from my home town of Albuquerque, NM AND has an amazing turn around time!!  I was stoked.  So, I have the new suit, I have my tanner, and I have my head in the game....the show is on Sunday and we had the competitor meeting last night. 

Now, I know I told you all that I was doing the show out in town....I did not realize or even think that there really would not be many Americans, I mean look at all the competitors we just had at the last two shows here on Kadena and Foster; surely many of them would cross over and do a show in our host country even if it is just for the experience and stage time (which is what I am chalking this up to....just some more on stage practice in a novice competitive arena)  well, that was not the case....there were two of us Americans there last night.  And of course, we were totally lost - we were told that the meeting started at 7 to find out that in all actuality it didn't start till 7:30 so we're wandering the halls of this place trying to make sure that we are in the right location (which we were)/  The lady that was doing the meeting spoke 'skoshi' English (little) and of course we spoke even less SKOSHI, SKOSHI!  So a bit of a barrier but the other guy had brought a friend who was Japanese so we were able to get through most of the obstacles but there were still plenty of barriers in the language and understanding.  All in all though, we know where we have to be and what time so we should be set!

I left from the competitor meeting pretty confidant of this show - though I have to admit, I am a little worried about understanding on stage when they ask for me to make my quarter turn and such...but we'll just tackle that beast on Sunday and it'll be what it is....adjust, adapt and overcome right?! 

So, just today and tomorrow to finish working out (I already went to spin bright and early this morning) then it's onto primping!  I have my hair and makeup lady all set, my hair/brow wax appointment is on Friday, my Manicure is on Saturday and I just need to find a place to get my Pedi far everyone is booked...worse case, I will polish them myself and glue the stones on to the tips of the nails to make them look pretty ;)

I will let you know how it goes once it's all done....the other big difference in this show is that the Finals are right away after I'll be DONE by about 3pm and then I can EAT!!   Thinking my first cheat is going to be one of those super sugary monster cookies from the commissary that they have here...two cookies with icing sandwiched in between them and a monster face made with even more icing....YES, I have missed sugar most I think this time around :D  But, we'll see...I do know for sure that I will have a huge bottle of water waiting for me this time around and not have to stop to get that ;)

Today's Quote of the Post:
"The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges." - Martin Luther King Jr.

So this competition really isn't a controversy but it surely is a challenge for me....I am planning on going out and standing tall, making it look like I understand it all and just go for it....grab life with all it's got and give it all you've got! 


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  1. I LOVE the new suit it is going to look rocking on you! Good luck and enjoy the experience :0)