Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My progression in photos

I know I've been promising this for a while and truthfully, I haven't done it because I've been horrified at myself thinking how I could have let myself be so unhealthy and set such a bad example for my family...but I have made the lifestyle change, I am a better person and I am looking forward to helping others attain their goal.  I am finally comfortable sharing these hope is that you all can realize, I am a real person, I am just like you, I have had the kids, fought the weight loss yo-yo and have come out the other side a victor - here's to you doing the same. 

For those of you who don't know, I have given birth to 7 children, I have three beautiful children of my own and I carried for two wonderful families deliveries were Dec 1997, Jul 2003,  Apr 2005, Jun 2006, Nov 2007....These are all pictures of me not pregnant so you can see the REAL me - beware, some of these photos could be detrimental to your health..or, hopefully they can be the motivation  and inspiration you need to get to where you want to's hard work, but it is worth it, I'm living proof! Exercise and a good healthy diet will get you there - there is no secret pill, shake or style of workout just you, your dedication motivation and ability to take the risk to make the change in your life.

December 2006 - I think I am in a size (YIKES) 16

June 2009

April 2010

November 2010

April 2011

June 2011

August 2011
So, that's me....7 kids and from a size 16 to a 6 (off season)  If I can do it, you can too!

Today's Quote of the post:
Don't compare yourself to yourself to the person you were yesterday - Justine Switalla

No truer can't compete with the magazines, your best friend, me or the skinny chick in the office...everyone is built different, you will not look the same, but you will look good for you and that is what matters.  Don't let anyone deter you from the road you are on, you have come very far and they don't know your back story.  And the minute you decide to give up...remember why you have held on this long or started in the first place.  You can do it!!  I know you can and I will be your biggest cheerleader!!  Go make this your life - not a 12 week weight loss plan!


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  1. Hello, Ms. Crystal!

    You know you will always be my inspiration, right?

    Sometimes, I have to tell myself that I can't compare myself with other chicks who are built differently. You're the second person that said that everyone is built different, and we all can't look the same, so I tell myself that the comparisons just need to stop, including the negative mentality of giving up.

    No one will separate me from my jump rope, black box of doom, and my wonderful stair master (which by the way I took your word on the leg lifts; they are painful but fun!).

    I've gone far from my humble beginnings, and I really want to thank you for inspiring me to rethink my wellness.

    It's always a pleasure to see you! :)

    - Kat