Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instantly look thinner....

We all know there is no magic pill, no special shake, etc....it's hard work, a good clean diet and discipline.  But, what if you just need a quick look a little slimmer - how can you look about 5 pounds lighter...easy! 

Easy?  Yes, easy....check your posture, suck in your stomach, pull your chest up and set your shoulders back - instant leaner look!  How simple is that?  Many people have been asking me how have you gotten your stomach to be so flat after so many kids (remember, I have given birth to 3 of my own and two sets of twins....7 babies total) I don't have a flat belly...it's an illusion.  OMG did I really just throw that out there for everyone to know? 

That's right folks, I have a foopa, pouch, mushroom top, whatever you want to call it, my belly is there and the only way that it is going to disappear is if I have the excess skin cut away....but you don't have one on stage in that suit!  No, I don't because of my posture (and dehydration necessary for the show..and that is really what it comes down to, it's a SHOW!). You also don't see it when I'm conscience in my standard street clothes or gym clothes either.  Because I try to stay aware at all times of my posture, stand up straight and keep my belly sucked in at all times - on the stage or off, on season or off...it's becoming engrained in my head. 

Try it.....go stand in front of a mirror right now, first thing you do is pull your shoulders back, straighten your back and lift your chest, now, suck in your stomach....wow, instantly you look thinner and that will probably make you feel a bit more confident and that will also add to your illusion.  But, you do have to still work at it to make it a reality.  This is just your spring board to getting that look all the time! 

To work your belly and have those abs, you should at all times keep your ab muscles engaged....suck it in...ALL THE TIME!!  I can tell you even now as I sit and type these words, my abs are engaged - I am constantly sucking them in....when I am working out, I watch my posture not only for the lessened risk of injury but to help my core become stronger....it's called the core of your body for a reason, you can't do much without it!  If you are on the treadmill walking or running, have those abs engaged, and stand up straight you will get a better work out.  If you are on the elliptical, keep that posture up and engage your abs...you will get a better workout!  On the step mill?  Again, engage those abs work your core in every single exercise you do and stand tall, you will start to feel better about yourself, you'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror longer and thus get a better workout.  

Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym they say but you still have to engage the muscle to have the definition show along with the work from the kitchen!!

So, stand up, suck it in - keep it sucked in and walk a little taller.  Good posture is a great thing to have and so many of us these days don't make an effort to do this one little trick that will make us feel and look better,  even if it is just an illusion some times.

Today's quote of the post:

'How well you deal with adversity is a measure of how well you will succeed in any endeavor whether it be building a great set of six-pack abs or combat on the field of battle. We have a tendency to beat ourselves up when we make mistakes rather than accept the fact that "to err is human". A successful person will focus this effort on ensuring that such mistakes are not repeated and to increase the resolve to do it right from now on.'  akidk01, hubpages

Stop fighting that skinny person in you!  Let them be seen, you will be healthier, you will feel better about yourself, and you'll have a much easier time keeping that posture proper ;)

(photo from a Brazil Gym ad - The ad is promoting fitness, not pointing and making fun of fat people)


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