Saturday, April 16, 2011

7 weeks out

Yes, 7 weeks, that's 49 days,  only 1,176 hours!!!  Scared? Excited?  Anxious? All those feelings and more are going through me now...more so than ever and I know they are just going to get worse....BUT, I know that my trainer is AMAZING and will get me where I need to me - I mean look how far I've come already!  Today I am 128.8 pounds, that's not too far from my goal weight of 125...last time I was pinched I was 19% body fat but that was 3 weeks ago - I can't wait to see what I am this week (I'll be sure to post)

This week was spring break - yes, hubby and kids were off and we went visiting the island, did some fun things and I still got my workouts in!  The hard part?  Sticking to the diet on the road...but I did it (otherwise I would not be the 128.8!)  The kids though were very sick of smelling Tuna in the car - my lunch; it never failed we seemed to pull up to each location just about the time it was for me to eat, so there I would be making my salad and wolf down the yumminess prior to us going into whatever park we happened to be at that day.  Now, Okinawa is not as hot as it will be just yet, but it's getting warm, put that together with the tuna 5 people in a car and even with the vents on, it's not very the last day my youngest was like 'Mom do you really have to eat that stuff everyday when we go somewhere?'  Yes, I do....I would get up hit the gym, come back, shower, make and pack the food for the day and then use all my will power and then some to not give into the snacks that everyone else was eating all day long...I do have to admit though that I tried a few things - and I can't wait to go back and actually have some of my own. Example - Mango swirl ice cream at Okinawa World - YUM! the one bite/lick I had made my taste buds crave more.  Pineapple Park - well, this place is so not the place for anyone on a diet - all you can try samples of almost all their items...pineapple chocolate, cake, cookies, wine, juice, vinegar, and that is just a few of the things..they also had, pies, pancakes the list goes I tried only what the kids said they liked which thankfully wasn't much and then bought a few items to have for after the competition....I'm pretty sure with all the stuff I want to have after the competition I'm gong to gain back 15 pounds in just one day ;)

But really, I know that this month's diet is harder than last months....and next months will be even more difficult then this one...that's the nature of the beast as I am figuring out.  Is it hard?  YES!  Am I benefiting from it though?  YES!  Am I going to be proud on that stage and confident that I did everything I could to get me there? DAMN RIGHT I AM!!!    And, I will be sure to post lots of pictures! 

I do have progression pictures to post but my computer is being funky and not allowing me to get them on the meantime though here is some exciting news!  I was one of four chosen to be on the cover of Venture Magazine for the May issue.  Venture is the Magazine put out by the Air force here on Okinawa, it is distributed free of charge on all the bases and this is the center spread that will be the feature of the magazine next month.  Fit Mom Transformation....The four of us will also be presented with a prize on the local Military Channel - not sure yet what exactly it is but they said they were coordinating with YYY to set the date for the presentation...YYY is the Club Med of Okinawa so I can't wait to see what it is!  They have assured me that I will receive a disk with all the pictures they took so once I get it I will post some.  If you would like to have a copy of the magazine, let me know. 

Here are some pics of Spring Break - Hope that you all have a great one too!

Today's Quote of the Post:
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. ~Vince Lombardi

Don't let it become a habit - Change now and feel better about yourself for it!  I believe in you!  You can do it!!


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