Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catching up

I am a horrible blogger.....I am sorry that I have not been on task a bit more here but it's been a hectic start of 2012!!  3 back to back deliveries, training, family, laundry - the list goes on and on....there is always an excuse right?!  I need to find the excuse not to NOT get in here and update my few followers ;) 

Today at the gym was my reminder that I do have those of you who follow me and are inspired by my ambitions and I need to keep you all updated and hopefully honest at your workouts and diets (yes, I said that horrible horrible word!)  DIET (did I eat that?!) This isn't a diet folks, it's your life!!! Take control of it and be better for yourself, your spouse, your kids, your friends!  Set the example and others will follow.  I know this to be true - Many of my friends near and far have made the change, and I hope are know are inspiring others to do the same.  It's not going to be easy but it is going to be worth it...these are words to live by - truly they are!  But, let me get off my soapbox - what happened in the gym today that I want to share?

I was working out and my friend Stacy came in...I met Stacy at school last year,  came to find out that we are both from New Mexico (she's from Santa Rosa but we get past it ;) )  Stacy was just beginning to make changes in her life to become healthier, she started running and hanging out with different people and she was really starting to shed the pounds...she's dropped 40 pounds people!!  She's now taking steps to work on the diet part....yes, that horrible word again.  I've mentioned it before it really is 80% diet and 20% working out...if you aren't eating right, your body is not going to look right.  You are a walking billboard of the food you put in your mouth - no matter what you put on that paper or food journal, the truth is just a glance at that butt, those thighs, the jiggle in the middle, the second hello from those triceps.  BUT, exercise is a part too they go hand in hand.  So back to Stacy....she's been doing great, she is making the change and setting the example for her beautiful little girl and her husband is very supportive too...but there are mean people out there (some not intentionally but it can still happen)  I like to think of those people rather than being mean...being jealous!  Yes, they are jealous.  She had a (I don't really want to say friend but an acquaintance?) say some mean words to her....words that hurt - words that once said cannot be taken back.  Yes, the words were mean, but I would like to think that they were spun more from jealousy. 

These people are everywhere...they want to lose the weight too, they want to make healthier  choices but they don't have the support, the will power, the drive whatever their excuse is and so they want to knock you off your all mighty high horse (yes, that is what they see - you are better than them and rubbing it in their face)  I know, I was once there....I wanted what everyone else had, but I still wanted to eat my cake and ice cream!  I didn't have the drive, I had excuses - but did that mean that I could be rude?  that I could make comments that would hurt the other person?  No it didn't but I still may have done that unintentionally.  And I am sorry for it...but, until I realized that it was me that needed to make that change, I hate to think that I was that person....I finally though had to stop hanging out with people who didn't have the same goals, people who would take me off the wagon, offer me the cookie, the cake, the candy.  It was hard but you truly do grow wiser with age, you need to surround yourself with people who are like minded, who will support you and you have to support them too.  This is not easy but it is worth it!!  I don't remember where I heard that (face book or pintrest I'm sure) but it is so true.  It is not easy, you will meet people who want you to stay the same (I think this was the case with the acquaintance), you will meet people who will support you (Stacy I support you!), you will have good days in the gym and you will have bad days too!  You need to dig deep sometimes more than others for that motivation, the roller coaster ride is all part of it...but in the end it is worth it!  You will feel better about yourself, you will be living a longer life, you will be healthier, and you will inspire others to follow the road you have decided to make as your path.  Be the better person, don't belittle others because their goals are not yours but support them in what they are doing and if you have people in your life that are not supportive of your goals for a healthier lifestyle, they truly are not your friends and you need to take this time to evaluate if they are doing more harm than good for you and if so, cut them really will be their loss not yours

stumble, it's getting back up and starting fresh that sets us apart from the rest!

Thanks for letting me rattle on and thank you, thank you for supporting me!

Today's Quote of the Post:
I never said it would be easy....but it will be worth it - unknown

The things you work harder for in your life really are the most rewarding! 


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  1. SOOOO happy that you are back, I haven't found a great health support system here yet. I have a couple friends that are great but they just aren't like minded as far as diet and ESPECIALLY exercise goes. It is so great to read your blog, even if we don't talk in person/phone reading your encouraging words help so much! After I hurt my knee a month ago I have gained 13 lbs?! HORRIFYING, it was diet (depressed about not exercising so I let Ben & Jerry soothe me). I finally have the go-ahead for light exercise and now I am terrified of getting back into the gym. Reading your post has given me a little boost- Thanks!!